Friday, January 3, 2020


Here are photos of some of the cards created at the December meeting.


Monday, December 23, 2019


The morning of December 4th, 2019, President Pat Lester called the meeting of the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society to order. After a lengthy absence Pat thanked all members for their concern and ability to carry on so well without her presence. She attended the annual watercolor show at the Barn and was duly impressed by our society's efforts to put on a remarkable show. Pat will be supplying us with her new cell phone number and address by the next meeting.

We welcomed a new member, Mr. Buzz Boyd

We were saddened to hear of the passing of long time member, Nancy Wisely. A memorial reception will be held December 20th at the Barn from 6 to 8:30. All are welcome. Those that were fortunate enough to know Nancy, will recall a woman ready to tackle any challenge with a smile and deep resolve. She will be missed.

Normally we do not meet during the months of January and February, however the building will be open for painting on the mornings of the 8th and 5th should you choose to use the facility. Cancellations will be available on Channel 12.

Connie Dettmer gave the Treasurer’s report.

Judy Reed reported that Dot Burdin broke her hip and leg in a recent accident. We wish her a speedy recovery at this difficult time.

Jane Hittinger took over, passing out watercolor greeting cards for us all to paint. After an hour or so the creativity was flowing and our veteran and disabled friends will be the recipients of these creations. It's always wonderful see the many varied expressions of hope, love and beauty created by our members. Thanks to all that participated.

Our creative artists are also creative in the kitchen as the snacks and treats abounded.
Thanks to all and may all enjoy the happiest of holidays and a healthy 2020.
Submitted by Mary Fleischmann

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Dan Knepper
Tom Schroeder introduced guest speaker, Dan Knepper, from Amhurst, Ohio. 

Dan was an art teacher for many years. He quit to become a full time artist. Dan demonstrated his techniques on portrait painting.  

Galleries which represent Dan

Dan projects images to his Arches #120 paper. Warning: parallax effects can distort your image, especially when camera lens was not at same level.
  • Begin with eyes. If the eyes are wrong, why continue? Vary colors with each line painted. Using one color can have the line seem flat. Dan used green, gold, yellow & pink to line the eyes.
  • Most of his painting is brushing onto dry paper. He may use 40+ layers on paintings. Use transparent colors, building to the final color. Dan does not use earth tones, thereby avoiding muddy paints.
  • Dan encouraged the use of Photo Shop or other software: use black & white images to determine values, use extreme color enhancements to see variety of colors more clearly.
  • Push vibrancy in colors, beyond reality. You can always tone it down later.                                 
  • Generally, in watercolor painting you paint from light to dark tones. With oil and acrylic painting, paint dark to light
Colors Dan uses
Below are a few of Dan's paintings:

Below is a portrait in progress:

Below are photos of Dan's demonstration painting - from the photograph to completed painting.

Completed painting - "Monkey Left and Monkey Right" 

Submitted by Kathy Lang

Photos by Jane Hittinger and Tom Schroeder

Friday, November 8, 2019


Meeting called to order by Pat Lester: thanked Kathy Lang for acting as President while Pat was out.

Treasurer report by Connie Dettmer: concerned the scholarship balance is $77.62.

December Special Event report by Jane Hittinger: 
  • GCWS will be painting Holiday cards at the December meeting. 
  • Bring your brushes and palette
  • Bring any items for a ‘White Elephant’ sale. Items must be in good condition; items do not have to be painting related. Proceeds benefit the scholarship fund. 
  • Members are encouraged to bring a food item to share at this event.

New (returning member) Member: Myrtle Blankenbuehler, was a member when GCWS first started. (She is 2 months shy of her 100th birthday and just getting back to watercolors. Myrtle was joined by her daughter-in-law (from Columbus).
Guest member Carolyn Geglein, a student of Deb Ward.

  • A sympathy card was sent around for Sue Giegler, her son passed away last week.
  • Tom Schroeder announced the OWS Board has agreed to host the SW Ohio Regional Show at the Mason Sinclair College in 2020 (February – May). No fees to OWS members, show is not juried. There will be awards. If sales are made a 20% commission will be charged. Tom will update us as information becomes available.
  • Chris Krupinski won ‘Best of Show’ in the NE Watercolor Show. Congratulations Chris!
  • Judi Clubb alerted members that there is a blue lens filter for glasses. Tinting could help with the difficulties of reading from the blue screens of telephones, computers and televisions. Color perceptions may be affected

Monday, October 21, 2019

MINUTES - October 2, 2019

CAC/GCWS Watercolor Show joint collaboration, “Wonderful Watercolor Exhibit” REVIEW Painting Pickup: Oct 2nd
  •        Joint show was good, please get your stuff. DO we want to participate again?
  •        Feedback - only open on weekends, would they consider more hours? Initially advertised as only a week, longer show to make it worth the time. More sitters from us if we ask for longer?

  •        Mary Fleischmann new email address: 
  •        New Members: Alice (Ali) Cutter, James Warner, Jim Sargent – this information will be added to an updated member list
  •        OWS show: Jewish Federation of Cleveland Award to Deb Ward
  •        Erika McCoy and Jim Sargent at Hyde Park on Sunday

Fall Workshop: Debbie Cannatella, chairperson: Artist Chris Krupinski, Sep 20-22, 2019
  •        Focused on design and unique still life set ups during workshop,
  •        It was a wonderful workshop. Thanks to Chris. Made $ to boot.
  •        Debbie is making a To Do list for future workshops. Working on next year already. Will get
  •        several dates Sept - Nov.
  •        Could apply profit from this year to next to keep cost low.

December Meeting: chair person: Jane Hittinger coordinating
  •        Paint Christmas Cards for Veterans
  •        Sign up for food to bring
  •        Come ready to paint
  •        Art supply sale for scholarship fund - bring supplies you no longer want

Open Studio Painting: January 8 (2nd Wed. due to holiday) & February 5 from 10 a.m. – noon,

Weather Cancellations: watch Channel 12 news for updates

Treasurer Report: Connie Dettmer –
  •        Workshop report - full attendance, 2 non members
  •        End of August good balance plus, 4 new memberships
  •        Deposit on the Barn for next year and 2021

Annual Show:
  •        Thanks to everyone that helped out with the Show!
  •        Kathy Lang, Amy Earls, Mary Fleischmann and Joyce Grothaus - Show Committee
  •        Volunteers for next year’s chairperson duties: accepting commitments now
  •        Making show ‘bible’ with volunteer job descriptions, please share your job information

2020 Show dates:
  •        Wed. Aug 5, 2020 hanging at Mariemont Barn
  •        Sun. Aug 9, 2020 Opening Reception from 1-4pm
  •        Sun. Aug 30, 2020 last day of Show; pickups from 345-4pm
  •        Tues. Sep 1, 2020 pickups from 10-noon 
2021 Show dates:

  •        Wed. Aug 4, 2021 hanging at Mariemont Barn
  •        Sun. Aug 8, 2021 Opening Reception from 1-4pm
  •        Sun. Aug 29, 2021 last day of Show; pickups from 345-4pm
  •        Tues. Aug 31, 2021 pickups from 10-noon
Submitted by Erika McCoy

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Tom Powell

Today’s Program:
Guest: ‘A Study in Values’

Thomas Powell took us on his latest exploration of monochromatics and use of grey mixes and tints, as he pursues the ‘Holy Grail of Value’!

       Paduca, Indiana, Nebraska, lawyer for health company, moving to Fayetteville, NC, law pays for art supplies
       Lawyer, stress level was through the roof, blood pressure, weight, new job - took up painting to relieve stress and find joy. Paints 2 - 3 hours starting at 4:30 am to reduce stress; no formal training; have taken some classes at Arrowmont in KY with Mary Todd Beam: her books are The Creative Touch and Celebrate your Creative Self
  •        Mary Todd Beam class changed his path
  •        Started in full color - she suggested that you look at things differently, got more creative
  •        and playful
  •        Lauren Finn - UP Michigan; discussing tonality, his pencils are watercolor pencils, she taught
  •        him about that, focus on values and tonality, not color
  •        50/50 tonal and transparent
  •        thinking about shapes, not color
  •        Influences - Van Gogh, Carravagio - high contrast, Ash Can school of artists - John Sloan,
  •        Everett Shinn
  •        does lots of street scenes, crowds, breaking crowd down - legs only, umbrella as the crowd
  •        materials
  •        pencil drawing - shows through, part of the work
  •        art graf - tin of graphite - water soluble, settles into crevices - mid range of tones, • cake of carbon - blackest black
  •        Caron D’Ache graphite sticks - RBG - tinted graphite
  •        india ink for deepest black
  •        hazy white - white pastel
  •        Daniel Smith graphite paint
  •        Dervan Liquid Pencil - permanent and liftable versions - uses on backgrounds
  •        ArtGraf putty for drawing, water soluble
  •        Graphite powder - learning to use, can’t replicate
  •        charcoal powder - interesting texture
  •        Caron D’Ache sticks, water soluble
  •        walnut ink - warm tone, less granulation
  •        Derwent Ink Tense Grafitint, pens
  •        fixative on graphite paint
  •        Bee Paper Watercolor paper
  •        Shizen Watercolor paper from India extremely textured
  •        paints from reference images, uses own or flickr images - asks permissio
  •        focus on values, not distracted by color, also design - shapes, etc
  •        Murder of Crows series
  •        Sells by open house a couple times a year
  •        Demo of a rainy street scene and a crow

  Tom Powell of Louisville KY was our guest on October 1, 2019.  While he now paints mostly in black and white or sepia, he also brought samples of his colorful paintings

Samples of his black and white paintings

Tom proceeded to paint two paintings for us during his demonstration.
The first was a street scene.

The completed painting

The second painting was of a raven.

The completed painting
Submitted by Erika McCoy
Photos by Deb Ward