Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Rick Surowicz

Tom Schroeder introduced Rick Surowicz whose program was entitled “Effective Use of Negative Space in Transparent Watercolor.”  Through demonstration the concept of negative painting will be discussed.  What is negative space? How can we use it to improve our paintings? What roles do edge and value contrast play?

Rick's sample paintings for us to see:

Rick Surowicz can be seen on You Tube 2 Chanel, he gives tutorials. Rick recommended watching “Watercolor Addicts” on “Facebook” where you can see other artists using watercolor techniques.

Generally he uses a limited palette.  He uses good paper 140 lb. usually half sheets of watercolor paper. The paint brands he likes are Holbein, Daniel Smith, and Cheap Joes.

He paints at an angle of about 20 degrees as he likes to use the paint drips for direction.

He uses a spray bottle to push the paint around in chosen areas (bought at Dick Blick).

He kept two big water containers nearby, and used several brushes, one 1” round brush, he mentioned Silver Black brushes and a fine brush for details at the end of the painting. 

He did a light sketch on his paper and used the negative spaces and positive space to work out the push and pull of the of the shapes.  He put down an initial light wash, then built values to define shapes.

Then he built layers and uses tissues to mop up if areas become too saturated. He stressed that good value contrast makes a big difference.  He also talked about soft and hard edges for contrast.

Rick used a hair dryer often to keep the colors clean and emphasized the layers should be completely dry before painting over areas otherwise the colors would bleed into one another. Rick used his spray bottle for direction and keeping the colors from getting too heavy.

In the demo he started to pull out details with medium colors, working across the painting and keeping some areas plain white to bring areas forward and you start to see the darker areas push back.  

Then he used dark points of paint in a few areas to mark the negative areas for refining the shapes to push forward.  The larger washes at the end pull things together and he softens with tissues.
The completed demonstration painting
A very enjoyable and informative program.
Examples of Rick's floral paintings
Rick Surowicz now gives workshops and had two planned in the next few months.

Minutes by Carole McAfee
Photos by Deb Ward

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Kathy Lang, President, called the meeting to order welcoming all members.

Upcoming shows:
Laurie Arshonsky will be at “Cox”  Gallery in Maysville, Kentucky, appearing with the “Brushettes”, opening reception Friday, May 4, 2018.  The show will run from May 4th to May 29, 2018.
The “Wyoming Art Show” will be May 29th, 2018, from 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Tony Couch has a workshop in July in Oxford, Ohio.
Yuki Hall Workshop, “Working with Nortan” June 22 - 24, $150, Evendale Cultural Art Center. Contact #  937-679-2464

Members are encouraged to receive monthly meeting reminders via email, GCWS can save on postage costs. Contact Ventia Wang (
if you wish to stop the postcards and switch to email notifications.

Mary Fleischmann Chairperson:
Annual Exhibit 2018: “The Barn” LOFT is confirmed:  OPEN DATES AUG. 1 - 14, 2-18.  Reception August 5 from 1 - 4 p.m.  Hang Date August 1, 2018
same day as the August Meeting at the Barn, Cambridge Avenue.

Fall Workshop:  Pat Lester:  Program ideas (artist or technique) ideas can be sent to Pat at any time.

Treasurer Report:  Connie Dettmer.  
2018 Membership Dues must be paid before the next meeting for member to be in our annual show.  Dues $45.  

Leadership Team:  Positions filled:  Secretary:  Ginny Tilbury June and July,
   Sue Giegler August, September     
     Louise Allen     October November
   The Meeting and Program Notes should be sent to Deb Ward via e-mail at within one week of the meeting, notes posted on the GCWS Blog.

Scholarship:  Diane Jeffries reported that the candidate for the 2018 GCWS Art Scholarship award has been selected.  This person will receive $500.00 which will be 
presented at the GCWS reception in August. GCWS fundraising will allow us to continue this award in future years. 
 “Split the Pot” Raffle will be held at every GCWS event.  At the June, 2018 meeting we will raffle a painting donated by Bruce Neville, our November Artist Presenter (2017.
 Please pass along additional fundraising.  $1 each or 6/$5.

Minutes by Carole McAfee

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Yuki Hall

Yuki Hall: ‘Paint More with Less’
Four stages of Planning ahead: the building blocks
1.      Shapes – simplify subject matter into a few major shapes. If none, create shapes with ‘value massing’ (Notan Study). In most landscapes, there are 3 major shapes; sky, earth (water or land) and everything that stands on earth.
Notan sketch
2.      Tonal Values – assign tonal value to each shape to create a readable tonal value pattern. (use a thumbnail sketch or doing monochromatic painting). Pattern created should be interesting, well balanced and pleasing to eyes (Not a black & white version of reference) Establish a sense of depth in the picture plane.
3.      Edge Quality – 4 types: hard edge, soft edge, lost & found, broken edge. The key is to understand the moisture content of paper and paintbrush, also timing of when to paint. Use edge quality to create a sense of depth and to connect shapes.
4.      Color – Use your personal color (what speaks to you). Use a limited palette to achieve color harmony (6-8 colors). Use color temperature to inject the mood and also create a sense of depth.
Paint loose but plan tightly
Block out unwanted items from your photo reference material (used cerulean blue)
Use a mop brush for large areas: start sky with light (at top) to dark values as you work towards the horizon. 
Repeat at horizon with light at water line to dark values as you reach the bottom of the page (foreground).           
Sky used – cobalt, cerulean, brown madder – soft edged wash. 
Add magenta at horizon edge 
Water used – turquoise, cobalt. 
Add darker spot of paint for the waves over wet painted water. 

Next add rooftops and windows of buildings, darkening colors for shoreline – connecting the shapes.    
Combine cobalt, cobalt turquoise, raw sienna & raw umber to get green for trees.           
To get a good grey: Combine cobalt, burnt sienna, allizaron crimson & brown madder (Add French Ultramarine for a darker gray)

Notes supplied by Kathy Lang
Photos by Deb Ward

Sunday, April 8, 2018


Kathy Lang opened the April meeting.  We welcomed new member:  Debbie Cannatella and guest Ray Burt from the Cincinnati Art Club.

Tom Schroeder, our new Program Chairperson introduced our guest Artist, Yuki Hall, to the members.  This was a very well attended meeting.  Yuki demonstrated how to break away from a “cooking in” style and start painting watercolor with confident brush strokes for a more spontaneous and impressionistic style.  Yuki strives to create an atmosphere in the painting without being bogged down with too much details.  She gave a wonderful presentation.

2018 Membership Chairperson Lydia Rittinger,  dues $45.00. Any person joining the club between now and August, cost membership will be $25.00   Send Membership dues to 
 Connie Dettmer, Treasurer, 3472 Whitfield Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220.  Update your contact information on “Master List”.

Treasurer: Connie Dettmer delivered the Treasurer’s  Report.

Members are encouraged to receive monthly meeting reminders via e-mail.  GCWS can save on postage costs.  Contact Venetia Wang ( if you wish to stop the postcards and switch to e-mail notifications.
2018 Calendar:

May 5 Cincinnati Art Club  10:00 a.m. - 12 noon

June 6 Cincinnati Art Club.  Arrival 6:00 p.m.  Light food and drinks will be supplied by the
 club for a social hour.  Meeting begins at 7:00p.m.  Raffle drawing for the Bruce Neville watercolor painting will take place.

July 11 The date for the meeting was changed due to the holiday.  Cincinnati Art Club 10:00 a.m. - 12 noon

August 1 “The Barn” Mariemont, Ohio  -  9 a.m. - 10:00a.m  Paintings (2 only) drop off and register.  Meeting begins at 10:00a.m.
Hang pictures on 2nd Floor in the “Loft” gallery from 12 noon.
Mary Fleischmann, Chairperson OPEN DATES for show AUGUST 1 - 14. 2018

August 5 Show Reception 1:00p.m - 4:00 p.m.

August 14 Pickup paintings between 10:00 and 12 noon

Mary Fleischmann informed the club that the 2019 reservation for the Annual Exhibit in the Gallery at “The Barn” Mariemont, has been confirmed.  Dates are August 7- August 27.  Reception August 11, 2019 

Fall Workshop:     Pat Lester (513) 408-7132  the artist encourages anyone attending the workshop to call giving suggestions on subjects they would like covered.

Leadership Team:  Positions filled:  Tom Schroeder, Program coordinator, Diane Jeffries, Scholarship Chairperson, Rotating Secretary, Carole McAfee (April/May)  Ginny Tilbury (June/July)  Sue Giegler (August/September). Louise Allen (October/November).  Minutes of Meeting need to be sent to Deb Ward via e-mail (debwardart@gmail.comwithin one week of the meeting, notes posted on the GCWS Blog.

Scholarship:  One $500.00 Art Scholarship will be awarded in 2018.  GCWS fundraising will allow us to continue this award in future years. 

“Split the Post Raffle”  will be held at every GCWS event.  At the June 2018 Meeting we will raffle a painting donated by Bruce Neville, our November Artist/Presenter.  Please pass along additional fundraising ideas.  Raffle tickets are $1 each or 6/$5.
Upcoming Shows, Events, Awards, recognitions.:
Yuki Hall Workshop:  “Impressionistic Watercolor”  May 4 - 6, 2018  at “the Barn” 3 days 6980 Cambridge Ave. Mariemont.
Yuki Hall Workshop:  “Workshop with Notan”  June 22 - 24, 2018 at Evendale Cultural Arts Center, 10500 Reading Road
Contact Yuki at (937-679-2464

“Between The Miami’” Art Exhibit April 13 - April 29 Sharon Woods (Great Parks of Hamilton Co. Parks)

The Woman’s Art Club Annual Exhibit   April 8 - April 29  - Reception April 8, 2 p.m to 5p.m at “The Barn”, Mariemont.  Four of our members are in the show, Claudia Taylor, Carolyn Hibbard, Heidi Hannsen and Connie Dettmer

The Evendale Show - two members are in this show, Claudia Taylor and Diana Marra

Helmut Keihtz’s work is being displayed at The  “Village Guest House” in Middletown.

Tom Schroeder has volunteered to produce The “Ohio Watercolor Society’s" newsletter.


Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Gary Brooks

Today’s Program: Tom Schroeder Chairman introduced Gary Brooks: topic was
“Egg Tempera – the Medium of Andrew Wyeth”.

Gary demonstrated the basics of Egg Tempera preparation and painting that he uses in his work. 

Advantages, limitations, alternative applications and myths dispelled:
*Use clay board – cracking will occur with flexible board/paper
*Egg tempera dries immediately and has permanent, bright, intense, luminous colors
*Transparent layering possible
*Use mortar and pestle to grind Pigments (For safety, use latex gloves and face mask when touching powder form)
*Sketch on tracing paper, transferred to gesso board, outline with indelible ink, block out dark areas
*Can use regular watercolor paints with egg yolk added instead of water
*Premixed egg tempera paint is available in a tube, but tends to be greasy (Rowney Co.)
*Mix ground pigment to toothpaste consistency with water
*Store ground pigments covered with water in a sealed tupperware-like container – can last months +
*Egg preparation: crack egg, retain yolk only, rinse yolk with water, lay yolk on paper towel - dry by rolling on towel, remove all traces of egg white; To Remove membrane from yolk – hold yolk in hand, poke hole in bottom of egg yolk, gently push yolk through the membrane hole, discard membrane
*add 2-3 drops of white vinegar to extend life of egg yolk; also eliminates smell
*Yolk will dry clear when added to your pigment mixture
*To temper the medium, add equal parts of egg yolk and water to the pigment
 (water consistency)
*If paint looks too chalky, you have too much egg in your mixture. Water can be added to thin the egg tempera paint and to get a more transparent look.
*Egg yolk suspends the pigment
*Mixing ratio - Use ¼ tsp. egg tempera to 1 pea size of pigment
*Made a mistake? Can use 0000 sand paper, 0000 steel wool to lift or remove paints from clay board
*Egg tempera can be used as a clear wash to seal a painting

Suggested books for more information on Egg Tempera Painting:
‘The Practice of Tempera Painting, Materials and Methods’ by Daniel V Thompson, Jr.
‘The Art of Andrew Wyeth, the Luminous Brush’ by Altoon Sultan
‘New Techniques in Egg Tempera’ by Robert Vickrey and Diane Cochrane
‘Artist at Work’ by Robert Vickrey

Fantastic program today! Gary had many paintings on display that were awesome! Many thanks for the critiques provided to the GCWS members that brought in their own paintings.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Awards, recognitions, upcoming shows? Get details to Carole McAfee, rotating secretary
New Members – Guests: Debbie Cannatella, Nancy Jean Pfau-Ho, Richard Thomas, Gayle Morgan

*Between the Miami’s Art Exhibit Apr 13-29 at Sharon Woods (Great Parks of Hamilton County)
*Chris Campbell starting new classes at ‘The Barn’ March 15th, 10am
*Cincinnati Art Museum offering classes to the public
*Diana Marra: March 14 The ‘Orchid’ Workshop, Evendale Cultural Art Center $20 materials provided
*Yuki Hall Workshop: ‘Working with Notan’ June 22-24 at the Evendale Cultural Art Center
*‘Call to Artists’ Evendale Cultural Art Center March 16 deadline; show in May ( )

Weather Cancellations: for updates tune to Channel 12 “Gr Cincinnati Watercolor Society

2018 Membership is due, $45. Send to Connie Dettmer, 3472 Whitfield Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220. Update your contact information if you have changes.

Members are encouraged to receive monthly meeting reminders via email. GCWS can save on postage costs. Contact Venetia Wang ( ) if you wish to stop the postcards and switch to email notifications.

Rachel Wolf, editor of Splash magazine has expressed an interest in providing critiques to any GCWS member. She would focus on what could make someone’s work stronger in terms of the end result. Individual artist would be responsible to work with Rachel on a cost for this service.

Jean Soller is withdrawing her membership due to health concerns. Jean, you will be missed. Stop in any time you are able to make it. Thanks for all your help over the years.

2018 Calendar: JUNE 6 will be an evening meeting (more details coming)
JULY: due to the holiday falling on the 1st Wednesday, we are moving our meeting to July 11, 10am

Annual Exhibit: 2019 The Barn, Mariemont is confirmed; OPEN DATES 2019 are:  Aug
Annual Exhibit: 2018 New Gallery required, in August
Cin Art Club: Wessel Gallery is available
The 124th St Gallery, Covington: checking it out
Cin Nature Center: checking it out
Fleishmann Estate, Cincinnati Parks: checking it out

Fall Workshop:  Pat Lester has agreed to Chair this committee in 2018. Program ideas (artist or technique) can be sent to Pat at any time

Membership Chair: Lydia Rittinger, annual dues $45; reduced to $25 in August:

Treasurer Report: Connie Dettmer

Leadership Team:  Positions filled: Tom Schroeder, program coordinator; Diane Jeffries, Scholarship chair; Secretary: Carole McAfee Mar, Apr, May; Ginny Tilbury Jun-Jul; Sue Giegler Aug, Sep; Louise Allen Oct, Nov – get meeting notes to Deb Ward via email at within one week of the meeting, notes posted on the GCWS Blog

Holiday December Meeting: Jane Hittinger: reported the painting of holiday cards project was a big success, many positive comments; Additional money made with White elephant/supply sale $56., Raffles $52., Split Pot Raffle $21 (All proceeds go to the scholarship fund)

Scholarship: one $500.00 Art Scholarship will be awarded in 2018. GCWS fundraising will allow us to continue this award in future years. Split the Pot Raffle will be held at every GCWS event. At the June 2018 meeting, we will raffle a painting donated by Bruce Neville, our November Artist Presenter. Please pass along additional fundraising ideas.

Jan and Feb 2018 Open Studio: Jan - 8 painters attended, Feb cancelled due to icy weather. Next year we will repeat the winter gatherings.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


President, Kathy Lang, opened the meeting by welcoming two new members - Mary Mulkey and Laurie Arshonsky.

Anderson Senior Center is proclaiming Marilyn Bishop their 1st “Featured Artist’ on the Featured Artist Wall

2018 Annual Exhibit: still working on a location. Have narrowed it down to C.A.C Wessel Gallery (Mt. Adams), Bang & Olafsen Gallery (4th St), and the Kennedy Heights Art Center

2019 Annual Exhibit: dates are locked in for Aug 7-27, 2019 at the ‘Barn’ in Mariemont

Leadership Team Changes for 2018:
Tom Schroeder – Program Coordinator for monthly meetings
Diane Jeffries – Scholarship Coordinator
Carole McAfee – Secretary for March, April and May
Ginny Tilbury – Secretary for June and July
Sue Giegler – Secretary for August and September
Louise Allen – Secretary for October and November

‘Open Studio’ will be held January and February, 2018, the 1st Wednesdays of the month in place of meetings from 10 a.m. – noon. Bring your own supplies and projects.

Weather Cancellation Reminder: view on Channel 12 for any cancellation information

December activities included a painting raffle, a split the pot raffle and white elephant sale ($129.00 was raised to benefit the scholarship fund). The food was excellent! GCWS members painted over 50 Holiday cards that are just fantastic.  The cards will be sent to Walter Reed Hospital for wounded soldiers.  Jane Hittinger, Judy Clubb and Carol Steuer co-chaired this event. Everyone had lots of time to socialize and produce their masterpieces. This may become an annual event in December.

Thanks to Kathy Lang for taking notes at the meeting.

In addition, Pat Lester reports that the fall workshop was a busy, productive 2 days of learning with watercolor artist Chris Campbell. 
 Day 1 - We explored various mediums & how they interact with our watercolor paints.
               Using various techniques, we prepared our background paper for Saturday.
 Day 2 – Negative painting was the focus of the day.  All of us left the workshop with at least one finished painting.