Thursday, June 18, 2015


Sue Archer
This year our workshop was held at the Cincinnati Art Club.  Our guess artist was Sue Archer, who gave a 3-day workshop for our group on May 29-31.

Sue shared her beautiful artistic talents with us, teaching us about lights, darks, color, value and many more of her "secrets"!

Throughout the three days Sue gave each student individualized attention, as well as a personal critique of the work each artist brought in.

We want to express our thanks to her for the incredible learning experience we received.  Everyone learned a lot and had fun!

Here are some photos from those three days.

Student painting.
Dianna Duncan (Workshop Coordinator) prepares to paint.
Workshop participants listen intently during Sue's demo
(Sue's paintings in background).
Another round of instruction!

Laura Crew (foreground) and other workshop participants put
Sue's techniques into practice. 

Sally Wester (GCWS Treasurer) hard at work.
For more information about Sue Archer, check out her website.

Photos courtesy of Marilyn Bishop

Monday, June 15, 2015


Our presenter for June was Litsa Spanos, an established art consultant, award-winning gallery owner, custom framer and educator.  She has devoted her life and career to Art, and working with Artists.  She helps Artists show and sell their work; and gives them advice on marketing.

Litsa’s passion is helping people create and have Beauty in their lives.  She wants to provide environments that make people happy, and she believes in “the power of Original Art”.  She researches people’s or organization’s  wants, needs, and styles, and proceeds to fulfill them.  Litsa’s business is in the The Edge Building on Culvert St., and she works with individuals, hospitals, hotels, and other businesses to connect Artists with People who want Art.

Coming up this month at her Studio is Art Comes Alive, a competition of Artists’ work, with the Reception on June 20, after which it will be open to the public the month of July.  She invited the GCWS to come and see the work.   Gallery contracts are given to the winners.

Litsa discussed the fact that, in order to be a Professional Artists, one must absolutely have a website, and people must be able to see your work digitally.  She also has published an Art Book, a catalogue, named “Blink” which she has sent to 10,000 businesses nationwide.  Artists purchase a page in the Book in order to display their work.

Some points that Litsa made regarding Marketable Art:  
Needs some Originality – in size, color, design, subject matter or viewpoint;
Must be beautifully and appropriately matted and framed;
Title is important;
Most people do not want “people” in their paintings.

The group was very interested in and appreciative of Litsa’s knowledge and advice.  She did a couple of critiques – not on technique or quality of work, but on Marketability of paintings that were presented.

Submitted by Joyce Grothaus, Secretary, GCWS, June 2015

Sunday, June 14, 2015

MINUTES - JUNE 3, 2015

Many thanks to Carol Fencl for taking and writing up the Minutes of our May GCWS meeting; we really appreciate it!

President Marilyn Bishop began the meeting by introducing our newest member, Janet Reeves, and a guest, Eileen Seiter.  Welcome to both. 

Marilyn explained a new idea we will try out for the “stay and paint” portion of today’s meeting.  A part of a painting DVD will be shown; then we will attempt to copy same; then show another part, and paint more.  Our group is always willing to try new things!
Marilyn and all who attended the Sue Archer Workshop the past weekend gave many thanks and many kudos to Dianna Duncan for the awesome job she did in preparing for, and making the Workshop happen.  Sue said it was one of the best she’s put on, and she is interested in being invited back sometime.  Participants showed some of the work they did in the W/S.  Dianna purchased a Sue Archer DVD for the GCWS; it will be put into our DVD Library.  Joan Ammerman reminded everyone to sign in and sign out any DVDs that you borrow.

Treasurer Sally Wester gave the Treasurer’s report.  Our Treasury is in good shape.  No Membership report; Deb is on her annual “painting retreat”!   Marilyn asked anyone who has an Announcement, to fill out an Info Form with all the details so that they will be correct in the Minutes.

Announcements:  Diana Marra has work in the Cincinnati Art Club Critique Member Show;  Opening June 5.  She also has work at Art In the Commons in Kettering, OH, August 9 – a premium outdoor art show.
Joan Miley has work at the Aaron Wachs Gallery in Mariemont; June 9.    Howard Krauss thanked members of GCWS for their help and encouragement over the years; said it has enabled him and his wife to be asked to teach on a Cruise for four weeks this summer.
Deb Ward has paintings featured this month in two magazines -  The Artist Magazine – winning first place for the watercolor category in the All Media Competition – July/Aug;  and in the Acrylic Artist Magazine;  Summer 2015, a painting as one of several featured in the section on “color”.   
Congratulations to all!

Carol McAfee, Chair of our Annual Watercolor Exhibit, which will again be held at the “Barn” in Mariemont, gave an update on the project.  Everyone will receive a Registration Letter during July so that you can participate in the Exhibit.  Each member will be able to enter two paintings (which must have wires with which to hang them).   Members will send their information – name, name of paintings, price, etc., etc. to Joyce Grothaus, approximately two weeks before the Opening Reception, so that Tags can be prepared for all paintings.  Please read your Registration Letter carefully.  There will be Awards.

Joan O’Leary gave a report on upcoming Programs;   In July, Nick of Windsor Newton will display some new methods and materials; w/c markers and sticks.   In August, member Jean Vance will present “Things You Want to Know”.  This meeting will be at the “Barn”, allowing an easy way to bring in your paintings for the Exhibit – same day as our regular meeting;  In September Louise Allen will provide our lesson – TBA

Submitted by Joyce Grothaus, Secretary, GCWS, June, 2015 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


President Marilyn Bishop called the meeting to order.  Since our Secretary, Joyce, was absent, Carol Fencl kindly offered to take the minutes.

Marilyn asked for someone to volunteer to be a coffee backup person for the rare times when Joan Miley is absent.

Sally Wester gave the Treasurer’s report. 

Membership Chair Deb Ward reported that we now have 83 paid members.  She also distributed membership books to members who were present.

Watercolor Workshop:  Dianna Duncan reported that our sponsored workshop with artist Sue Archer to be held May 29-31 has a full group.  She asked for people to serve as helpers for the workshop.  This was opened to people not attending, but who could volunteer time and sit in on some of the sessions. 

Carol McAfee reported on our Annual Exhibit to be held this summer at The Barn in Mariemont.  The dates will be August 8-25.  The reception will be on Sunday afternoon, August 9.  She asked for sitters for the three weekends of the show.  Exhibitors are asked to bring their pictures to the August meeting (August 5) which will be held at The Barn instead of our usual location.

Supplies for the Lockland High School to be given to the art teacher will be collected at the end of today’s meeting by Margie Carleton.  With the cutbacks in school budgets, members were asked to contribute supplies.

DVDs for the GCWS lending library were on the table in the back.

Joan O’Leary announced the following programs:
June – Litsa Spanos on boosting your sales with innovative marketing ideas.
July – representative from Winsor Newton, with samples for those attending
August (at The Barn) – Jean Vance, GCWS member – things you want to know (tips)

Program presentation by Mark Willenbrink speaking on creating depth in art work. 
Mark Willenbrink
Mark gave us examples of perspective drawings.
Mark began a demonstration painting, showing us atmospheric/aerial perspective.
Mark focused on three ways to create depth in art:
Linear perspective
Atmospheric (aerial) perspective (values)
Use of color – with warm and cool colors
Marks’ website is:
He critiqued artwork brought in by members following his presentation.

Mark showed us some of his paintings during his program - as follows:

Young Adult Financial Awards were presented by Dot Burdin at the conclusion of the program.  Each of the two persons chosen shared some of their portfolio work.  The two who were selected from the Art Academy to be awarded a check for $500 each to further their art careers were:  Hannah Parker and Taylor Wellman.

Dot Burdin presented Hannah and Taylor with their awards certificates and checks,
then each showed some of the work from their portfolios (below)

Respectfully submitted, Carol Fencl, Secretary Pro Tem
Photos by Deb Ward

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

MINUTES - April, 2015

Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society
April 1, 2015 Meeting/Program
 Wow!  After not having meetings scheduled for January or February (because the weather probably would be bad), we had to cancel our March meeting for that very reason.  So, we were fearful of what April Fool’s Day would bring – but, the sun was out, as was a large percentage of our members – anxious to renew our friendships and learning!  We did have one difficulty – our President Marilyn Bishop was not able to be there, as she was recovering from a procedure on her foot.  Our past president, Deb Ward, graciously filled in to lead us.
A very nice crowd!
Deb welcomed everyone, and the guests were introduced.  There was Vicki Fleming, former student of Susan Grogan, friend of Dianna Duncan;  and Judy Doyle, recently moved to our area.  Interestingly, Judy lives in the same complex as Margaret Mailley, whose Memorial Art Show surrounded the meeting room.  Judy told us that Margaret had been a very talented person in other aspects of her life besides her painting.  Other guests were Nancy Biers, former student of Rhonda Carpenter, Heidi Hanson, Libby Sharwau, who is now retired and now has time to paint, and Shirley Cooper, from the Eastgate area.  We appreciate their visit and hope they will join the group.

These are a few of the paintings by Margaret Mailly that lined the gallery walls.
As you can see, Margaret specialized in trains.
We discussed “Staying to Paint”.  Everyone is invited to stay after our meetings, enjoy a light lunch, and the fellowship of painting with others.   If you desire, you may ask the others for some pointers, or ideas, etc., or give some; stay for a little while, or a little longer.
Sally Wester gave the Treasurer’s Report.  We have sufficient money to cover the Expenses for the year, and to keep some in our Reserve.  Some of the money is used for subsidizing members’ participation in workshops or other events, thereby keeping the prices reasonable.

Deb gave the Membership Report -  Our number is down about 10 from last year right now.  This may be because some people forgot to bring their checks to the meeting.  Also, we hope that today’s guests will join and enjoy all the benefits of membership.

Dianna Duncan gave a report on the Sue Archer Workshop – There is one spot left, and you may put your name on a waiting list.  Dianna has moved, so if you want to send anything to her, call her first.   Sue is a well-known and acclaimed artist, and everyone who attends will learn a great deal.  Dianna asked members who are not attending the workshop to please give her some assistance in making it all run smoothly.  It would be most appreciated.

Carol McAfee gave a report on our Annual Exhibit - It will be at the “Barn” from August 5 – 25, and Carol will need quite a few volunteers to do a little something each, to have a successful Exhibit.  If you are willing to help in any way, please let Carol know.  More info later.  Our August meeting will be at the Barn, which will be convenient for drop-off, etc.

The Lockland High School Art classes are asking for donations of art supplies.

Joan Ammerman discussed the club’s DVD collection and new entries.  All are welcome to borrow a DVD for a month.  Be sure to check it out, and check it back in.

Dot Burdin is working on our Young Artist Award project for May.  More info later.

Joan O’Leary gave us the rundown on coming attractions for our GCWS meetings –
In May, Mark Willenbrink will have a program – Creating Depth in Artwork;  June will be a program on Boost Your Sales with Innovative Ideas;  July brings the Winsor Newton representative Nick on Watercolor Markers; and in August, a member, Jean Vance.

Then, Joan introduced Rosemary Butterbaugh, our presenter of Monotype as a New Challenge.  Rosemary told us that she just might be the right program for April Fools Day!  She claimed to be an artist for 101 years, and enjoys working in Monotype, which is fine art that is pressed into the paper instead of being painted on.  We enjoyed Rosemary’s unique sense of humor, and the examples of her artwork.  (Below is a visual of Rosemary's technique).

The above 2 photos are of a simple rooster she wiped off the plate before printing.
The following series of photos are Rosemary's process of "reduction".  She adds paint to the plate, then wipes out blank areas.
Here she has placed the plate over a white sheet of paper so it is easier to see.

Placing another sheet of paper over the print paper she rubs with a kitchen scrubbing pad.
Here she uses a rolling pin to press the plate.
The completed print.
Here Rosemary is using the handle of a brush to move some of the still-wet paint in the flower center.
Deb Ward then did a couple of Critiques.  All members may bring in an unframed painting for ideas and suggestions during Critique time.

Submitted by Joyce Grothaus, Secretary, GCWS,  April, 2015
Photos by Deb Ward

Tuesday, March 17, 2015



May 29-31, 2015
Cincinnati Art Club Building
1021 Parkside Place
Cincinnati, OH  45202

Non-Members - $300

Only 2 openings left

Come join us with this 
Nationally Acclaimed Artist

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


This is no April Fool's Joke!  

For our first meeting of the season - on April 1, 2015
Our presenter will be Rosemary Butterbaugh from Rising Sun, Indiana.
Monotype as a New Challenge
Rosemary uses monotype to encourage new ideas.  
Come and Get Inspired!

Program followed by Critique and Open Studio Painting