Monday, April 18, 2011


How long have you been a member of the GCWS and why did you join? I am the organizer of the watercolor society which began in February 7, 2002. After moving to Cincinnati in 2000 I was disappointed to find that there was no group whose primary interest was watercolor painting. I met Jean Soller and Kathy Lawrence and we painted together at Jean’s church. During discussions with them I was encouraged to begin a group for watercolor artists. Since I was new to Cincinnati and had no group to draw on for membership, I turned to a process of community organizing that I learned while working at the University of Dayton. I contacted various art organizations in Cincinnati and asked them if they thought that there was a need for such a group. All but one thought it a good idea. In that process I spoke to Ann Abbot who was then editor of Watercolor Magic (now Watercolor Artist). She agreed to send an interest survey to subscribers in the Cincinnati area. She gave me the results and I then contacted all those who indicated an interest. With the help of Kay Worz, we rented the Cincinnati Art Club for a day and I facilitated the discussion to let the group (29 people) determine the characteristics of the new society. We wrote a mission statement, determined the format of the meetings, the frequency, the location, and the name of the group—all at one meeting. Jean Soller, Kathy Lawrence and I assumed the leadership positions until it was appropriate to have elections.

Have you held any positions with the GCWS; if so, what positions? I have been president, program chair, communication chair, historian, and twice chaired the annual exhibit.

What are some of your artistic achievements? I have been an instructor of watercolor, watercolor collage and watercolor printmaking. I have had several one person exhibits and regularly enter local exhibits. Some of my work hangs in education facilities.

Describe your usual procedures for creating a painting. I usually think about the painting for quite a while before I begin. I concentrate on design and color combinations. I often draw a small sketch and paint it in my sketch book. I then draw in on the paper and begin painting. For watercolor monotypes, I plan the image for the plate but often the application of the paint determines what color and textures I add. I am known for experimenting with different styles of painting and use of various media that I combine with watercolor.

How long have you been painting. I began painting in 1996 after finally finishing my academic degrees at the University of Dayton.

In what medium, other than watercolor or acrylic, do you work? I use watercolor and a little acrylic as the basis for all my work but I combine it with rice paper for collage or use it for making monotypes for printmaking.

Where do you get your inspiration for paintings? I read many art books, art magazines, watch DVDs of famous artists, and go to art museums and art exhibits that focus on the work of well-known artists. Presently I am interested in modern art—art from the 1900s to 1950s. I also am inspired by specific messages that I am trying to express such as concern for the environment and paintings that express a spiritual idea. I like to experiment and find that art quilters are progressive in their work and when I read their magazines, I am inspired to try their quilt format in watercolor.

Are you a teacher? See above paragraph.

Where do you see yourself in the future? (ie., is painting a hobby; will you enter shows; do you see yourself teaching?) I expect to continue to explore new ways to use watercolor in combination with other media. I am beginning to dabble in abstract art which seems to call for more use of acrylic paint. I will continue to enter local shows and want to develop more of an “online” presence which will utilize the internet.

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Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society Minutes April 6, 2011
Deb Ward, substituting for President Eileen Hulsman, called the meeting to order.

Announcements: Our President, Eileen Hulsman, was absent due to knee surgery. Carl Rekow was home recovering from a fall.

Deb Ward announced that we now have a new blog since she was not able to transfer the one maintained by our previous blog manager. The new site is
Deb also announced that she needs pictures from our club artists by May 15 to be used in the new brochures she is preparing.

Christopher Leeper, President of the OH Watercolor Society, will be doing a workshop May 17-20 for $325 in Cambridge.
Deb Ward is doing Art in the Country Workshops. April 16-17 is Pouring and May 21-22 is Boot Camp for Beginners (Refresher Course for Seasoned Painters).

There is a monthly Second Sunday Show at the Women’s Art Club Barn in Mariemont. The Women’s Art Club will have its exhibit open every weekend in April at their Barn in Mariemont.

For other announcements, see our blog.

June GCWS Show Shirley Knollman, chair of our June Show made the following announcements:
Rhonda will handle the e-mail registration forms. The entry fee will be $15 for either one or two paintings.
On June 1 we will have our regularly scheduled meeting at the Women’s Art Club Barn, 6980 Cambridge Ave, Mariemont, OH 45227, and the site of our June show. People should plan to bring their entries that day.
Saturday, June 4, from 5-8 will be the Opening reception. Dot Burdin and Judy will handle the food for that day.
A sign-up sheet was passed around. Sitters will be needed for some of the days of the show. A sign-up sheet was also passed for this. June 19 will be the last day of the show. Pick-up is scheduled for June 20, from 9:30 – 11 a.m.
Marilyn Bishop is doing the publicity. She asked for paintings to be submitted to be used for the publicity. Postcards will be available at the May meeting, prepared by Eileen Hulsman.

Scholarship Ardelle Duffy, new Scholarship Facilitator, has contacted teachers at 12 schools about submitting student work for our scholarship competition. Only 4 schools have responded. Ardelle would like help on the judging of the entries.

Upcoming speakers will be:
May – Ken Buck from the Art Academy – Animals in gouache
June – Tom Bluemlein -Seven Pearls of Painting (meeting at Mariemont Barn)
July – Ursula LaSorella Producing Art from our failures.
August – Cincinnati Art Museum (change from usual location) Water colors in the collection – tour with docents. Will need a specific count of those planning to attend to have adequate number of docents.
September – Mary Helen Wallace - How to make Paintings Sparkle.
October – Mike McGuire.

Presenter:” Judy Anderson spoke on “Texture and Pattern.“ Following the presentation she did a critique, and then an afternoon workshop. Carol Fencl, Communications Chair

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Here are photos of some of our members' work in the 118th Annual Woman's Art club exhibit.

Marilyn Bishop - Beet (Diptych)

Rhonda Carpenter

Lorri Davis - Safe Harbor

Sue Grogan

Shirley Knollman

Deb Ward - Peony

Monday, April 11, 2011


Judy Anderson presented our April program “Paths to Pattern and Texture in Any Medium". She brought examples of her varied work along with many common household objects as well as art objects that can be used to create texture.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Hello and welcome!

We have made a few changes here at Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society, and we hope you like our new blog.

We have a great bunch of people in our membership, and in upcoming months we will begin introducing you to some of them.

If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area and are interested in water media (watercolor, acrylic, fluid acrylics, gouache, etc.) we welcome you to attend a meeting to see what we are all about. 

Hope to see you soon!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Highlights from our March program:

Kay Worz gave our March presentation about how to present our work for competition.

Kay explained how she sometimes uses L-shaped mats to help with cropping a completed painting. 
She will also use this method with a viewfinder to help herself find a pleasing composition.

* * * * * * *

Minutes March 2, 2011

President Eileen Hulsman called the meeting to order.

Three guests were introduced themselves.

Susan Grogan is teaching a watercolor class at Hobby Lobby in Eastgate.
Fairfield Community Art Center will have the Queen City Art Club exhibit starting on Friday March 18.
May 17-20 will be a show at the Town and Country Fine Arts Center in Kettering.
Deb Ward is doing Art in the Country Workshops.
Deb Ward was asked to exhibit in the Fiber show at the Kennedy Heights Art Center from March 12 until April 23. . She also received her Signature status with the Georgia Watercolor Society.
There is a monthly Second Sunday Show at the Women’s Art Club Barn in Mariemont.
The Women’s Art Club will have a juried show on April 10.

Ardelle Duffy, new Scholarship Facilitator, has contacted teachers at 12 schools about submitting student work for our scholarship competition. April 14 is the deadline for entry. There also was a split-the-pot conducted during this meeting to raise more money for the scholarship fund.

Marilyn Bishop announced that she has purchased three new art DVD’s for the club. These can be checked out for a month by signing the book in the kitchen.

Art Show
Shirley Knollman will be chairing our next club show. This will be held at the Barn 6980 Cambridge Ave, Mariemont, OH 45227. Dates will be June 4 – June 19. The opening is on Sat. June 4 from 5-8, and the last day will be Sunday June 19. More details will be announced, but our June meeting (June 1) will be held at that location instead of our usual place.

Deb Ward will be taking over the blog from Sandy Maudlin. She intends to have not only the minutes, but also more information about shows. She also reminded people that they will now receive e-mail notices instead of post cards unless they have no e-mail. This should save the club considerable money, since the monthly mailings have been one of our major expenses.

Joan Miley proposed having a time when we sold art and collectible items with 25% of the money going toward our Scholarship Fund.

Upcoming speakers will be:
April- Judy Anderson – 5 ways to express texture
May – Ken Buck from the Art Academy – gouache on animals
June – Tom Bluemlein -Seven Pearls of Painting (meeting at Mariemont Barn)
July – Ursula LaSorella Producing Art from our failures.
August – Cincinnati Art Museum (change from usual location)
Water colors in the collection – tour with docents
September – Mary Helen Wallace and our Annual Sale
October – Mike McGuire.

Kay Worz spoke on how to enter competitions. She also did the critique and conducted a workshop.

Carol Fencl, Communications Chair