Monday, August 29, 2011


Greater Cincinnati
Watercolor Society
Minutes August 3, 2011

Eileen Hulsman called the meeting to order. Before the meeting started, she had distributed papers for all present to write in names for people to be nominated as officers for the Nov. elections.
Due to the special program that had been arranged, the meeting was held in the Castellini Room of the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Evergreen Show
Plans are moving ahead for the Evergreen show. The Official Opening will be on Sept. 25 from noon – 4 p.m.
Help is needed for the following:
- 3 persons to manage the parking lot.
- Address postcards to various facilities, watercolor teachers, high school art groups, etc.
- type nametags
- sit the show on weekends
- persons to will hang the show.
Persons entering the show will be asked to bring in their work(s) on Sept. 22.
Marilyn Bishop needs members to send her e-mails with their paintings.

Julie Aronson, Curator of American Painting, Sculpture and Drawings at the Cincinnati Art Museum presented the program, illustrated by a Powerpoint of the watercolors owned by the museum. She discussed some of the unique features of the CAM collection.
After the talk we were divided into small groups to tour the museum, led by the CAM docents. Unfortunately watercolors were not on display, since they have been put away for a major exhibition that will be held in 2014 and have already started the process used for the catalog illustrations.

Minutes submitted by Communications Chair, Carol Fencl

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Here is our press release for our upcoming watercolor show in September.  Hope you can make it!

August17, 2011
Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society
Contact Person:  Sharon Cranston, Evergreen Retirement Community, 513-948-2308

For Immediate Release
Art Attached

Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society Exhibit

Members of the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society return once again to exhibit at Senior Lifestyle’s Evergreen Retirement Community, 230 West Galbraith Road, in Cincinnati.

This free show, open to the public, begins Sunday, September 25, 2011 from noon to 4 p.m. The show continues through September until October 30 with public viewing daily from noon to 4 p.m. The opening reception offers viewers a chance to enjoy various watercolor paintings in the newly renovated space at the retirement community. Live music and appetizing refreshments will be available at the opening. The artists will be on hand to discuss their work.
Eden Park - Sue Grogan
Juror for the show is Bruce Erikson, Professor of Art at Xavier University who will select three paintings for monetary awards and three paintings for honorable mention ribbons.

The Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society has been welcomed into the gracious environment of the Evergreen Retirement Community on eight prior occasions. This year the residents of the retirement community will join the watercolor society to offer selected pieces for viewing.
Giraffe - Joan Miley
“Recent exhibits by the members of Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society have generated many positive compliments on the growth and quality of the art being displayed. The passion and dedication of each member has put the club at a new level of competition. The exhibit at Evergreen Retirement Community is creating a lot of excitement. Not only is Evergreen the perfect location for an art exhibit but it is renovated with an incredible new look, so updated with contemporary furniture, new floor plan and wonderful colors. What an exciting event, please come and see not just the art but the artful Evergreen,” said Eileen Hulsman, president of the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society.

The watercolor society offers painting demonstrations followed by a workshop every first Wednesday of the month at 10 a.m. at the Cincinnati Art Club, 1021 Parkside Place in Mt. Adams. Guests are welcome at attend.
Industrial Revolution - Deb Ward
Monthly notes of meetings plus other relevant information for artists can be seen at the organization’s blog:

Friday, August 5, 2011


Rhonda Carpenter
How long have you been a member of the GCWS and why did you join?
At the time I joined GCWS in Fall of 2006, I was taking weekly lessons from Sandy Maudlin in her Indiana studio. She was President of the GCWS at that time and convinced many of her students into joining. Then she talked me into becoming the Recording Secretary in 2007. So I jumped in with both feet, not knowing many of the members - but it made me learn quickly!
 Have you held any positions with the GCWS; if so, what positions?
Almost immediately after joining GCWS, I was elected to be the Recording Secretary and held that position for 3 years, working on the minutes as well as working to get those minutes on our first GCWS blog (which I also helped set up).
I took photos at each meeting and wrote up the information about each guest artist's program, as well as kept up with the regular business meetings for the group. I've also been chair of one GCWS show, and worked with the chair for the last GCWS show.
Am I Blue?
What are some of your artistic achievements?
I have been juried into several shows, including the Greater Hamilton Art Show (at the Fitton Center), the Middletown Art Center show, and the Cincinnati Art Club's Viewpoint show. I have also won a couple of honorable mention awards at the Rising Sun Plein Air Paint Out and the 2011 spring show of the GCWS held at the Women's Art Club Barn. I also was voted Artist of the Year 2007-2008 by one of my online Yahoo groups, WatercolorWorkshop. It has almost 1,000 members and the vote was for artistic merit as well as helpfulness to other artists.

Describe your usual procedures for creating a painting.
Well, I think something - a scene or a photograph - has to draw me in to want to paint it. That usually happens when the light and shadows are just right to inspire me. I try to stick with just watercolor on watercolor paper, having gone through my stages of painting on YUPO and gessoed paper and doing batik, etc. I have an affinity for crows, so I am currently gathering crow photos, receiving them from friends and family (my husband is a photographer and allows me to use his photos as reference in many instances), as well as taking my own when travelling. I then look through those to get some inspiring ideas on how to create an interesting composition. I usually make a drawing on tracing paper so I can make changes before putting the drawing onto my watercolor paper. Then, it's just colors and values and trying to do the best I can with what I've learned. I think I've gone from having about 10% success and 90% failures to about 80% success and 20% failures - which isn't bad for someone who hasn't been painting a long time.
Singing The Blues
How long have you been painting.
Not long at all, in the scheme of things - just since 2003!

In what medium, other than watercolor or acrylic, do you work?
I've taken life drawing classes, working with graphite, charcoal and some pastel. I've done some collage work, too.   But I'm mainly interested in watercolor or watermedia.
Their Commitment to Black
Where do you get your inspiration for paintings?
From life, from photos I see, from trips I've been on around the US, Canada, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands,
Hawaii, Belize, Australia, etc. My husband loves to travel. I also become inspired by viewing other artists' work; and while taking workshops from other artists.
Whirlwind Romance
Are you a teacher?
No, but maybe someday in the future - when I've gotten at least 10 years of painting under my belt.

Where do you see yourself in the future? (ie., is painting a hobby; will you enter shows; do you see yourself teaching?)
I hope I will continue to get better, and have more creative, unusual and personal ideas that come out on paper. I will certainly enter more shows in the future - perhaps working my way up through the KWS and OWS shows to AWS, if I feel my work merits the chance. For now, I'm content with my little piece of pie locally. And I thoroughly enjoy the "celebrity" I have from being an on-line blogger. I have people from all over the world following my work and that's a real plus for me.
I've also just become a member of the Woman's Art Club and hope to contribute more to their monthly meetings and participate in their many events.

And Your Point Is?

Your blog spot:
 Is there anything else you would like for us to know about you and your art?
I have been a long-time member and moderator for the online group WatercolorWorkshop; I created and ran the online group SharingWithArtistPartners (SWAP) for 8 years; and I've had my own blog since 2006, where I post almost daily. I also paint almost daily in my home art room (it's too small to be called a studio). I've learned from Janet Rogers, Nicholas Simmons, Deb Ward, Sandy Maudlin, and Carin Hebenstreit; I also learn from DVDs and books on all aspects of watercolor and watermedia.
I got started late in art and feel like I don't have time to dawdle; so if I'm not painting, I'm thinking about painting; or I'm watching a DVD or reading a book or magazine on painting! I think it's an obsession!