Saturday, October 8, 2011


Here are the winners of our fall show at Evergreen Retirement Center.
Left to right:  Sue Grogan, Joan Ammerman, Ritzi Junker and Rhonda Carpenter.

GCWS President, Eileen Hulsman, presents 1st Place ribbon to Joan Ammerman.

Joan Ammerman with her painting Walnut Creek Canyon.
2nd Place painting, Waiting, by Gaylynn Robinson (not present at awards ceremony).

Eileen Hulsman presenting 3rd Place ribbon to Sue Grogan.

Sue Grogan with her painting Timeless Beauty.

Eileen Hulsman presenting Honorable Mention award to Rhonda Carpenter.

Rhonda Carpenter with her painting Hot Pink Flamingo.

Eileen Hulsman presenting Honorable Mention award to Ritzi Junker.

Ritzi Junker with her painting Lake Como

Honorable Mention painting, Woman at Shaker Village, by Yuriko Kudo (not present at awards ceremony).

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