Friday, October 7, 2011

MINUTES - October, 2011

Minutes October 5, 2011

The meeting was held at the site of our fall show, Evergreen. The facility staff provided pastries and drinks for breakfast, as well as a lunch.

Administration & Business
President Eileen Hulsman called the meeting to order.

A sign-up sheet for dishes to be brought for the December holiday meeting was passed around and a satisfactory number of people signed up.

The award-winners for our Fall Evergreen Show were announced by Eileen:
First Prize: Joan Ammerman – Walnut Creek Canyon
Second Prize: Galynn Robinson – Waiting on the Rain
Third Prize: Susan Grogan – Timeless Beauty
Honorable Mention:
Rhonda Carpenter – Hot Pink Flamingo
Yuriko Kudo – Woman at Shaker Village
Ritzie Junker – Lake Como

Eileen also thanked the numerous people who had helped in making the show a success. There has already been one sale at the show by one of our members, plus one by the Evergreen resident artists.

Nancy Wisely announced, on behalf of Deb Ward, that Deb will send out a letter describing the programs for the next 6 months. There have been some problems with the e-mail notifications, so they may be dropped. The blog address, if people need more information, is printed twice in the new Members Directory.

Nancy Wisely was asked to submit for the Frame Design show for the second half of October.

Program speaker was Mike McGuire. A long-time artist, he critiqued paintings that had been brought in by members, and encouraged the audience to join in the critique process.

After the Program, the two Evergreen employees, Sharon and Jenny, who had helped so much in making the show possible, were thanked with cards and presents.

Following this, the members stayed afterwards to enjoy a lunch supplied by Evergreen.

Program in November, on the 2nd Wednesday, Nov. 9 due to the show at the Art Club. The speaker, Jean Vance, will demonstrate still life with natural objects, with an emphasis on negative painting.

Minutes submitted by Communications Chair, Carol Fencl

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