Monday, March 26, 2012


Nancy Nordloh Neville displaying her well known style of floral watercolor.

Rhonda introduced Nancy Neville. Nancy’s program was on “Guiding the Eye through your Painting and the importance of Shape“. She started the program by telling us that a painting should invite you in and then entertain you by making the eye travel through your painting. It’s important never to have shapes or colors that would lead your eye out of your work. Nancy also stressed that negative shape is as important as the shape you paint. A preliminary drawing is necessary before you start painting. She does several drawings before she comes up with one she likes for her final painting. Exercises in contour drawing will make you think in shapes.

Nancy displaying one of her paintings.
There are 2 types of contour drawing, one where your pencil never leaves your paper, the second one is where you focus on your subject and never look at your paper.

Nancy suggested that you start painting where you have the most confidence and continue from there. When she paints she does the background last, letting the subject dictate the color of the background. While she was amazing us with her painting ability she continued to give us helpful information regarding painting. Some of the things she told us were:
• Think shape and value while you paint.
• If you want to have a white painting you have to have darks.
• For a painting to be read as cool, you will need to add some warmth to it.

I think I can speak for most of the members when I say that it was enjoyable to watch her paint and we learned a lot at the same time. Thank you Nancy for giving us a wonderful program.

9 members stayed for her workshop after the program.
The beginning of Nancy's demonstration - drawn onto Arches watercolor paper.

Nancy's palette is almost as beautiful as her painting (on the left).
For more information about Nancy go to her website.

(Submitted by Kathy Kuyper; photos by Rhonda Carpenter and Deb Ward)

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