Thursday, April 26, 2012


An attentive audience listens to Merle  Rosen's acrylic presentation.
Rhonda introduced Merle Rosen who presented the program on Acrylic Paints. She works in a variety of mediums, has several DVD’s out on painting, and does workshops with “Golden Mediums“.

Merle started the program by telling us of a new acrylic paint product called “Open“. It’s an acrylic paint that takes much longer to dry than a normal acrylic paint. You are able to mix it with regular acrylic to extend the drying time a little. Open paints also tend to have less pigment in them.

She alsogave us a brief history of Bacour Paints and how they developed their products.

Polymer medium is the building block of all acrylic paints. It is white when wet but dries clear. There are 2 types of paint colors - inorganic which is mineral based, and organic, invented after WWII, which is chemical based. Inorganic is opaque and organic is more transparent. The results when mixing colors to get secondary colors are quite different. The organic paints give you a clearer colors.

Merle continued to give us information on pigments, glazes, matting agents, and polymer mediums. She talked abut a product called GAC 400 which is a single polymer that is a stiffing agent. There were so many products that she talked about that is hard to go into detail on all of them. Some of the more interesting ones were the iridescent and interference colors along with the course molding paste. In addition she showed us samples of the different types of acrylic and how they worked.

Merle Rosen, Golden Paint representative, explains and passes out information about the Golden products. 
I think that a lot of us left feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the information. Though I have never painted with acrylic, it was very inspiring. Once again it was another wonderful program that will help us a lot in the future.
(Submitted by Kathy Kuyper, photos by Deb Ward)

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