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MINUTES - MAY 2, 2012

Hannah Westendorf receives her award from Joan O'Leary (right) while Hannah's mother watches.
With the ringing of the bell and the greeting of the membership, the May, 2012 GCWS meeting came to order.

A reminder of last month’s quote, “See the value in what you’re doing”, and the question whether anyone had remembered or acted on the quote, was followed by several raised hands.  This month’s quote is:  “Be a loving collector of your own accomplishments.”  Deb asked everyone to set a goal for the month and to give themselves a pat on the back when they reach that goal.
Hannay explains the process used in her paintings.
Les Miley was thanked for his vital service to the GCWS with a hearty round of applause.

Deb asked if anyone had tried out any of the Golden products they received last month and several hands were raised.  She then asked people to bring in any samples of the work they produced with those supplies.

The 6-month postcard reminder had been passed out and mailed in April – but if anyone has not received this please either continue checking the blog, where the information will appear, updated as necessary, or contact Deb to have it mailed.

Last month two CDs were purchased from Merle Rosen showing her use of the various Golden mediums and collage techniques; they are now in the GCWS lending library.  This brought up the request that, if anyone would like to purchase a CD or book for the club, please ask Leadership Team prior to purchasing that item in order to be reimbursed.  All expenses by a member must be approved by Leadership and accompanied by a receipt before they will be reimbursed.  However, if you want to purchase something and donate it to the group – all donations are accepted!
Hannah's painting of her younger brother.
Sue Grogan wants to know if anyone would like to take over the scrapbook as she no longer has the time to do this.  If anyone is interested please contact her for information about what you will need to do.

Carol Steuer has some Robert Fabe paintings she would like to donate to the club.  Various ideas as to how to accomplish this task were suggested.  Deb will contact someone at the Cincinnati Art Club who might have knowledge of the paintings’ worth.  Any money raised by the sale of these paintings will go toward the purchase of a projector so we can watch the DVDS we have in the library either as a program or following a program.  In lieu of that, the money will go toward our annual Young Artist Award.

After the treasurer’s report was given, Deb asked everyone to please give announcement information, in writing, to our secretary for inclusion in the minutes.  She also requested that you contact her with written information if you would like that information placed on the blog side bar.
Hannah worked at a fruit stand in the summer, and was inspired to paint these apples in watercolor.

Rhonda has been working on a fall workshop for the group and Christopher Leeper will be here October 26-28 for a workshop titled “How to Create Dramatic Watercolor Paintings”.   So many members signed the workshop list that it will be offered on a first come, first served basis.  If you are interested in attending this 3-day workshop, send your deposit check for $50 to Rhonda Carpenter ASAP (her address is in your membership book).  Once the workshop is filled, she will maintain a waiting list. 

Several people have offered to help, and Deb agreed to oversee, the July show which will be at Kennedy Heights Arts Center in late July.  We will need several people to help with hanging and refreshments, so think about volunteering for one of those jobs. 

More information about the show will be available at the June meeting.  Check out for more information about this venue.

In the mean time, everybody start painting – July will be here before we know it!

Our April featured artist is Howard Krauss, with Donna Cameron appearing in May and Taylor Bush appearing in June.  If you would like to become a featured artist, please contact Deb.

Each year we give a check for $500 to a deserving student who will be pursuing an art career.  This year the honor goes to Hannah Westendorf from Madeira High School.  Following our program we had a presentation of the award by Joan O’Leary, our Young Artist Award Chair this year, and a beautiful and tasty cake was enjoyed by all present.

Hannah and her mother brought 3 pieces of Hannah’s artwork – a watercolor, an acrylic, and a graphite drawing, and her work is amazing for someone so young.  Hannah will be attending the University of Cincinnati’s Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (DAAP) program for a degree in architecture.  DAAP is one of the most prestigious art schools in the nation and we wish Hannah all the best.

(Since our secretary was not present, these minutes are submitted by Deb Ward.  I apologize for any oversights, and welcome any corrections!)

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