Monday, July 30, 2012


Some of our members enjoying the refreshments - left to right - Len Jacob, Rosemary Jacob and Kathy Lawrence.
 We had our painting drop off and show hanging on July 18.  While a lot of work, it was also a lot of fun!  Then our opening was Saturday, July 21, from 1-4 p.m. 

I was very pleased that we had a well attended opening, with a good attendance of our members and general public.  I had planned to take several photos of the festivities, but only managed to get two shots - before I was bombarded with questions, conversations, etc.  I was so busy that, before I knew it, it was time to clean up!

The Kennedy Heights Arts Center facility is so beautiful - beautifully maintained old wood floors, original mouldings, original fireplaces and tall windows that allow in a lot of natural light.  The paintings looked lovely on the walls.  And the staff is excellent to work with.

If you missed the opening you missed some tasty treats and delicious cold punch! 

GCWS members (left to right) - Donna Cameron,  Sally Wester (our Treasurer with her back to the camera), Carol Steuer and Jane Hittinger (Membership) - just some of our members and public who enjoyed the opening.
I'd like to thank everyone who worked on this show to make it the success it is (and hopefully I have not forgotten anyone):
Marilyn Bishop for the publicity
Rhonda Carpenter for the email post card
Jane Hittinger and Carol Steuer who helped with intake of the paintings.
Taylor Bush and Virginia Mooney who placed the paintings
Joan Ammerman, Jean Soller, Ardelle Duffy and Kathy Lawrence who helped hang - and my husband, for the loan of his drills, etc.
Alice Fosset for typing the title cards and programs and having them printed
Carol Steuer, Virginia Mooney, Gerri Lech, Sally Wester and Rosemary Jacob and Jo Hogan for refreshments
Thanks to Sally Wester who brought supplies such as napkins, forks, plates and table clothes
Special thanks to Carol Fencl whom I cornered at the drop off and who offered (under some coercion) to bring punch – and it was DELICIOUS.  She went above and beyond punch duty!
Special thanks to Judy Reed who was invaluable during the hanging – she saw that I was overwhelmed at that moment and did what had to be done without even being asked
Thanks to Shirley Knollman who has offered to be there during Saturday pick up

The show runs until August 11 - hope you will get a chance to drop by.  (See the sidebar for more information about the show).

Submitted by Deb Ward

Thursday, July 26, 2012


This month our program was divided into two sections - the first an informational talk about our blog to help our members understand and navigate the blog - the second a program about the possibilities of fluid acrylics.


Blog stands for website log.  It’s basically a website that you can interact on. Our blog address is,  The easiest way to have this address handy is to put it on your favorites list on your computer. You can also find our blog address in the membership book.

Our blog starts of with a header and our logo, then a short paragraph about our club. Information on a blog is called a Post. You can see new information on the blog as well as any old minutes and other information. At the end of each page there are 2 boxes to chose from - Home or Continue on to an old post.

On our blog we have a side bar to the left where you can find information about up coming programs, shows, a blog list of other members and links to other websites.  There are also labels which list members in alphabetical order according to their first name. You can just click on a name and it will bring up additional  information about that person.

“Comments” is where you can type something to respond to something you read on the blogspot. This does require you to log in and give some verification of yourself.

Deb was hoping that maybe this would help everyone to understand more about the blogspot and how to use it.
Through a series of print outs of our blog pages, Deb explained how to access information on our blog.

Using Fluid Acrylics like watercolors:
Left:  Peony on Yupo; right: a commission portrait, on canvas.
Deb ward started teaching in 2004 and started painting with fluid acrylics about 6 years ago.  She mostly uses Da Vinci fluid acrylics.  About 50% of her paintings are with fluid acrylics the other 50% is watercolors. She likes them because they dry with the same intensity as when you put them on your paper. Also you can thin them down to 100 to 1 ratio. You can successfully use them on a variety of papers including yupo, canvas,  hot press and 300 lb. papers.

Deb starts her painting process by sketching out her design in a small format on tracing paper. She then goes over it with a sharpie pen. After that she has it enlarged to the size she wants to paint. After it is enlarged, she traces it on her paper of choice using saral paper , a graphite copy paper. She then goes over the tracing with a graphite pencil so the water doesn’t erase it. A lot of her painting involves putting the paint on and then spraying it off. Timing is very important since  it can’t be to dry or to wet. Even though some of the paint she sprays off stains other parts of the design it doesn’t bother her. She feels that after painting over these, even if the color shows through, it helps bring unity to the painting.
Deb explained how she arrives at ideas for some of her paintings.
Deb gave us several helpful hints to consider while we are painting. One was doing a color study before you paint if your unsure of what colors to use together. One time she even took pictures of her hands to get the form right.  She also said that if your aren’t happy with  something in your painting, wait and do something else before going back to it. You may find that it’s not so bad after all. Be sure to take time to stand back from your painting to get a different view of it.

One of the main things she said was to paint what you want. You will find your way to other things if it is meant to be.
Deb shows how to paint a technique by Nick Simmons - the "batik like look".

Allowing the paint to partially dry and then spraying off gives the painting a "batik like look".
Adding color to some of the mum petals.
I have to apologize that I was not able to stay for the whole program since I had to pick up my granddaughter. Hopefully there is enough information for you to understand her process of painting with fluid acrylics.

As I was driving to pick up my granddaughter this came to mind, a funny jingle from the past. I think that it fit’s the meeting to day perfectly.

“ Double you pleasure, Double your fun, Deb did two wonderful program instead of just one .”

Thanks Deb!

Kathy Kuyper

Sunday, July 22, 2012

MINUTES - JULY 11, 2012

Deb Ward opened the meeting with the usual meet and greet. 
The first item on the agenda was the sign up sheets at the back of the room. There are two different sheets one for the meeting and the other for the paint along. Deb would like everyone to sign in so we can keep a record of how many people are attending the meeting and painting session..

The quote for this meeting was “Far better creative mess than idyll neatness.”

Deb asked if anyone had tried out the technique of painting on Gesso from our last program. A few people had raised there hand.

The next order of business were the Fabe paintings donated by Carol  Steuer  for the silent auction. They were lined up in the back of the room to be bid on at this meeting. The paintings that do not sell will be for sale at  Evergreen during our Art Show there this Fall. The money made from the sale of these paintings will go towards buying a projector for the club.

There have been a few complaints that people do not know what is going on at future meetings.  The Art Club has several ways to find out about the Clubs future meetings.

Post cards are sent out every 6 months with the next 6 months’ programs and meeting dates on them.
Check the Blog
Call a leadership team member. They are in the membership booklet with a box around their names.
Call a friend from the club.

Deb did say that she might consider  a reminder email with a link to the blog to help get the information to everyone.
Art Shows:
Deb ask for a raise of hands to see how many were planning on entering the show at KHAC. It would be very helpful if the people entering the show would send there painting information to Alice Fossett before the drop off date,  July 18th.

Next Wednesday is the drop off date for the KHAC show. Taylor Bush will place the paintings and Vicki Sheperd and Jean Soller will be in charge of hanging.  Please bring a hammer if you are helping with hanging the paintings.

Marilyn Bishop has sent out information about the show to all the local papers. She asked if anyone sees these articles to let her know, that way she will know if the information is getting out to the public.

Rhonda Carpenter will be sending everyone an email invitation for them to send on to friends and family. Donna Cameron, Louise Allen, and Carol Fencl will have pictures of their paintings on the invitation.

Pick up date for the show is August 11, the last day of the show, or the following Tuesday.

KHAC charges a 30% commission on paintings sold during the show.

The Evergreen show opens on Sunday Sept. 23 from 12 - 4.  Awards will be presented to members at this show for first, second , third place and honorable mention. If you have received an award for first, second, or third place at the last award show then you are not eligible for an award at this show. This information is now in the by-laws on page 14 and 15 of our new membership/by-laws booklet. Mary Moore is the chairman for the Evergreen show. She passed around sign up sheets for sitting and hanging of the show.

Marilyn Bishop needs pictures of paintings for post cards and publicity for this show by August 1. You can send these imagines either to her or to Deb Ward.

Deb would like to do new Brochures for the club.  She would like new brochures to have different paintings from members in it. Anyone wanting to send her images of their work for the new brochures should include the name of the painting along with the picture. The new brochures would  be ready for the Evergreen Art show.

Fall Work Shop:
Christopher Leeper will put on the Fall Workshop in Oct. Since the workshop filled up so quickly, Rhonda was able to have Christopher put on the same workshop in the Spring. The Spring workshop dates are April 5,6, and 7. If you are taking the fall workshop then you will not be allowed to sign up for the Spring workshop. Sign up and deposit checks for the Spring workshop will probably be in February.

Here is the list of members that will be attending the fall workshop:
Joan Ammerman
Jim Auvil
Dot Burdin
Rhonda Carpenter
Ardelle Duffy
Carol Fencl
Joyce Grothaus
Jane Hittinger
Jo Hogan
Eileen Hulsman
Len Jacobs
Rosemary Jacobs
Yuriko Kudo
Gerri Lech
Judy Reed
Vicki Shepherd
Janet Vennemeyer
Deb Ward
Sally Wester
Barb Zentgraf

Our guest for this meeting was Kristie Mooney. She recently transferred to the Cincinnati area from Seattle, Washington and now lives in Lawrenceburg , IN. Kristie found out about the club through our Blog site which made Deb very happy. Kristie said she is a beginner watercolorist and is excited about joining the club.

Other News:
Deb Ward told us what a good value our club is compared to other Cincinnati art clubs. We are known for our outstanding program each month.

GCWS  dues $45.00
Queen City Art Club dues $75.00
Cincinnati Women’s Art Club  $55.00, open painting $5.00
Cincinnati Art Club  dues $110.00

Deb Ward announced that she was accepted into the View Point Show as well as the Ohio Watercolor show and the National Watercolor Show. She will also be one of the judges for the Bethesda North Show in the Fall. There were application for this show on the back table. Your application as well as imagines of your work are due in by Sept. 1 if anyone is interested in applying for the show. They do display your paintings for one year in one of their medical buildings. There is no commission charge for any painting that is sold there.

Deb will give a short program about our blog and another program on Using Fluid Acrylics like Watercolors. There was no workshop after the program just a paint along. 

Feature Artist: 
Taylor Bush will be the feature artist this month on our Blog site. Deb Ward would like some other members to come forward to be the feature artist in the upcoming months. Anyone interested needs to fill out a short questionnaire, have about 4 or 5 imagines of their pictures, and include a picture of themselves and send it to Deb.