Monday, July 30, 2012


Some of our members enjoying the refreshments - left to right - Len Jacob, Rosemary Jacob and Kathy Lawrence.
 We had our painting drop off and show hanging on July 18.  While a lot of work, it was also a lot of fun!  Then our opening was Saturday, July 21, from 1-4 p.m. 

I was very pleased that we had a well attended opening, with a good attendance of our members and general public.  I had planned to take several photos of the festivities, but only managed to get two shots - before I was bombarded with questions, conversations, etc.  I was so busy that, before I knew it, it was time to clean up!

The Kennedy Heights Arts Center facility is so beautiful - beautifully maintained old wood floors, original mouldings, original fireplaces and tall windows that allow in a lot of natural light.  The paintings looked lovely on the walls.  And the staff is excellent to work with.

If you missed the opening you missed some tasty treats and delicious cold punch! 

GCWS members (left to right) - Donna Cameron,  Sally Wester (our Treasurer with her back to the camera), Carol Steuer and Jane Hittinger (Membership) - just some of our members and public who enjoyed the opening.
I'd like to thank everyone who worked on this show to make it the success it is (and hopefully I have not forgotten anyone):
Marilyn Bishop for the publicity
Rhonda Carpenter for the email post card
Jane Hittinger and Carol Steuer who helped with intake of the paintings.
Taylor Bush and Virginia Mooney who placed the paintings
Joan Ammerman, Jean Soller, Ardelle Duffy and Kathy Lawrence who helped hang - and my husband, for the loan of his drills, etc.
Alice Fosset for typing the title cards and programs and having them printed
Carol Steuer, Virginia Mooney, Gerri Lech, Sally Wester and Rosemary Jacob and Jo Hogan for refreshments
Thanks to Sally Wester who brought supplies such as napkins, forks, plates and table clothes
Special thanks to Carol Fencl whom I cornered at the drop off and who offered (under some coercion) to bring punch – and it was DELICIOUS.  She went above and beyond punch duty!
Special thanks to Judy Reed who was invaluable during the hanging – she saw that I was overwhelmed at that moment and did what had to be done without even being asked
Thanks to Shirley Knollman who has offered to be there during Saturday pick up

The show runs until August 11 - hope you will get a chance to drop by.  (See the sidebar for more information about the show).

Submitted by Deb Ward

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