Saturday, September 29, 2012


A most beautiful and delicious cake was baked by our former president, Eileen Hulsman.  Following our ceremony we invited all visitors to have a taste.  One of the workers snagged a piece, then returned with a tray and took several more pieces for his co-workers.  Show visitors, residents and employees were seen wandering around with plates of cake - a testament to it's extremely good flavor and moistness.  I'm telling you - it was DELICIOUS!  (Thank you so much, Eileen)
Our fall Evergreen Show coincided with our Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society's 10th Anniversary which we celebrated prior to the awards with some "speechifying" and a cake!
Several of the original GCWS members are acknowledged in the sun-drenched atrium of
Evergreen Retirement Center during our 10th anniversary celebration.
It was 10 years ago that Marilyn Bishop had a vision of an organization of artists dedicated to furthering watercolor and water media in the Cincinnati area.  A group of artists met at the Cincinnati Art Club and the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society was born.
Some of the original GCWS members (standing left to right):  Jean Soller, Jo Hogan, Marilyn Bishop (Founder), Joan Miley, Janet Vennemeyer, Kathy Lawrence, Dot Burdin; (seated left to right) Jane Hittinger and Carol Steuer.
Over the years our membership has grown as has the scope of our organization.
·        Our members have the opportunity to show their work at two shows each year, one of which is juried. 
·        We have monthly programs – either demonstrations, slide shows, art history talks, museum tours.
·        Following our monthly meetings we have an open painting session for all who want to participate. 
·        We have a lending library with books and DVDs –
all ways in which our members can further their art education

Thanks to the vision of Marilyn Bishop, and the help of numerous volunteers for the past 10 years, Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society has become one of the premier art groups in the Cincinnati area.
Presidents past and present (left to right):  Shirley Knollman, Deb Ward (current), Marilyn Bishop and
Eileen Hulsman (not only a past president but also a wonderful cake baker!)  Not present, Sandy Maudlin.
We look forward to building on our previous 10 years of growth and strengthening and improving our group in our second decade.

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