Thursday, September 13, 2012


Painting drop off for the fall show is Friday, September 21, from 10 - noon, at Evergreen Retirement Center,
230 W. Galbraith Road.
The October GCWS meeting will be held at Evergreen Retirement Center.

The September meeting began with the usual meet and greet your neighbor. Deb’s quote for the meeting was “There’s a potential painting in every moment of our day”.  I know that there are many times I look at landscapes and shadows and think that would look good on paper or driving along and stopping to take a picture of something. There are so many wonderful things that are out there to see and paint.

Deb briefly brought up the subject of the Christopher Leeper workshop in October. She wanted us to remember a few things Lois brought up during the last program.
Learn one thing from each workshop  or class.
Don’t end up painting like your instructor but adapt what they teach to your way of painting.
It’s a good idea to take a workshop from someone, even if you don’t particularly like their style, because you can still learn from them. 

KHAC Art Show:
The members were asked how they liked the show at KHAC. Most the members agreed that it was a very nice facility and that the show went very well. Louise Allen sold one of her paintings at the show. The income from the show was $330.00. The rental for KHAC was $200 and about another $150 for other expenses. Leaving us with a loss of  approximately $20.  Deb is hoping that we can make the shows at least break even .

Evergreen Art show:
Members are allowed to enter 2 paintings in the show at Evergreen. Registration  forms for the show are in your email or you can get them from Mary Moore. The show will be juried by Marlene Steele, First prize -$250, Second  prize - $100, Third prize - $50, and a ribbon for honorable mention. Drop off date for the show is Sept. 21, and opening is Sunday Sept. 23. As of now Mary has enough people to hang the show. There are a few dates that are open for sitting the show. It would be helpful if you are entering paintings in the show to get the information to Mary by phone or email as soon as possible so that  the title cards are ready for the hanging of the pictures.

There are post cards for the Evergreen Art show that can be picked up today. The pictures that are on the postcards are of paintings from Susan Grogan and Rhonda Carpenter.

Feature Artist:
Deb still needs members to volunteer to be a feature artist on the Blog. If your interested just bring your pictures to the meeting and Deb will photograph them for the Blog. She really is hopefully that members will step up to do this so she does not have to go after members. It’s also important for members to let Deb know if they are in any shows so that the information can be put on the Blog.

The new brochures are being printed now.  Deb used paintings from 5 different members for the brochure. They were Larry Sparks, Joan Miley, Joyce Grothaus, Eileen Hulsman, and Deb Ward. The brochures will be ready  to distribute at the Evergreen Show.

We had several guests at this meeting.   Ann Grieve, a beginner watercolorist, and Libby Hunt found out about the Club through our blog which was very exciting. Three students of Rhonda Carpenter attended the meeting. They were: Joy Sallee, Linda Henke, and Nancy Beers. Nancy Parsley, a friend of Susan Giegler, was also a guest  today.

Treasurer Report;
Sally Wester updated the members on our  income and expenses for the last month.

 Rhonda announced that the remaining $50 for the workshop is due. It has to be paid by Oct 1 or at our October meeting. If you fail to pay then you will lose your spot at the workshop. Rhonda will be taking checks for deposit in February for the Spring Christopher Leeper workshop. She also is working on getting another workshop for next September.

The October program will be put on by Helen Haberstroh on Pen and Ink with watercolors. This meeting will take place at Evergreen and lunch will be included.

Taylor Bush will do the November program on Portraits.

Trish McKinney did the program today on Natures Palette.

Other Announcements:
There is an Art show this weekend in Bellevue Ky.

Cincinnati Art club Signature show is Sept. 14 - 16.

Submitted by Kathy Kuyper

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