Monday, October 15, 2012


Helen Haberstroh - in action!

Helen Haberstroh did the program on pen and ink with a watercolor wash.

Helen said she has been painting and drawing since she was three when her parents gave her some art supplies for her birthday.  She has participated in many outdoor art shows, written a book on House Portraits, and has done workshops and many demonstration for art clubs.  I met Helen over 20 years ago at Sharonville Art Show where we were both exhibiting. Over the years and numerous art shows she has become my true friend and mentor. She is one of the most energetic and positive people I know.

I know this painting has a blur - but that's because Helen is so animated - she never seems to stop moving!
Helen started her program with a fun demonstration of her equipment that she uses when she does her artwork outside during her many travels. Her equipment includes a cane that folds out in to a small stool, a bright pink hat to protect her from the weather and so her husband Dick can find her. Helen also carries a backpack for her art supplies which include a sketch book , pencil, drawing pens and a few snack bars in case she misses lunch.  Last, but not least, she includes her camera. She has been doing outdoor sketching for over 20 years.  When sketching out doors while traveling she allows herself about 45 minutes to find a view and to sketch it.

Helen takes her original drawing and has it reduced to a 4 x 6 print on “cover paper“. She will also make a copy of her original drawing with the color wash so that she can use it to copy from for her other prints.
Helen showing us her "framed" work - before she begins tinting her print with watercolor.
Helen starts by taking her pen and ink print and penciling in the border from a frame she has out of cardboard. She then tapes around the border with painting tape so it keeps the outside paper protected.
Working on her tinted print, Helen uses pre-mixed colors with a small sable brush.
She started her painting by turning her paper upside down so she could paint the sky. When painting large areas like the sky and foreground she keeps her paper tilted so that the wet paint will move easily down the page when touching the edge with her brush. In the painting she was demonstrating for us she also painted some of the trees with the sky color. She did that so when she painted in the trees some of the sky would show through like it does in nature. Then she turned the paper so she could paint the foreground. The foreground will need several layers of wash to get the desired effect that she wants. Next Helen painted some of the larger Spruce trees with small strokes to represent the foliage. After this she went back to paint the trees in the back ground with a blend of a little green and some blue. Helen continued jumping around the painting because she has to let some areas dry before painting others that are next to them. When the Spruce trees were dry she took a darker green to the one side to show the shadows. Helen uses a very light green to hint at the plants inside of the Krohn’s Conservatory.  At this point she used some yellow and red to add flowers in the foreground. Since her paintings are small there isn’t a need for details, just a suggestion of flowers or leaves. Helen stopped at this point to take a break and to answer any questions.

Her favorite brushes for painting are Kolinsky brushes and Koh-i-nor  .25 pen and ink from Jerry’s Artarama.

Helen gave us some advice. Paint things you love and play with it, then your painting will be successful.
The other thing she said which we have heard before is learn a technique from a workshop or program and then make it your own.

Helen entertained us during her program with many stories and her delightful wit.

Helen poses with the book she wrote, several years ago,  for North Light Books.
 I think we all left that day thinking we would like to have the energy that Helen has at 83.

(Submitted by Kathy Kuyper; photos by Deb Ward)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Minutes from October 2 Meeting
Deb started the meeting by welcoming back Mary Marxen who has been absent due to illness, and Howard Krauss who has been teaching aboard a cruise ship.

The quote for this month is “All the talented have known rejection”.  Deb’s advice was that even if you have been rejected by one art show don’t be afraid to apply to other shows. We all have been rejected at sometime and still qualify for other shows.

Deb also asked if anyone had tried the technique that Trish had showed us during last months program. A few members raised there hands.

Evergreen Show:
The Evergreen show had a good turn out of members and from the public. Prizes were given to the following people:
First place -   Jean Vance
Second place - Susan Grogan
Third place - Kristi Mooney
Honorable mention - Lois Schaich  

The other highlight of the show was Eileen Hulsman’s cake that she baked. Evidently it was a big hit with everyone who was there.

Pick up for your paintings from the Evergreen show is Monday October 29 or Sunday after the show closes. Be sure when picking up your painting that it gets checked off the inventory list. You can find the list in the reception office in a box labeled GCWS.

November meeting:
The November meeting will be the first Wednesday of the month as usual since the Viewpoint show was held earlier this year. After the meeting we will be ordering pizza for lunch to help entice members to stay for the paint along.

We will also be having an Art Sale before and after the meeting. So please bring along art books, or supplies that you no longer use but are in good condition to sell. You will need to put a sticker on the item with the price and you name and an envelope for money. If you don’t actually want to sell it you may place it on the free table.

Taylor Bush will be doing the program on portraits.

Today is the last chance to make the final payment for the Christopher Leeper workshop this month.  Rhonda will be taking deposits for the Spring workshop starting February. She is hoping to have another workshop later next year possibly with Charles Rowland.

Future Art Shows:
Deb once again asked for someone to volunteer to head next years Art Shows. She said that she will not do it because she already does several other jobs along with being President of the club. We have until the December meeting for someone to come forward to chair the art shows. If no one volunteers then there will be no shows next year.

Mary Marxen was brought to the meeting by Terry Madden, a prospective member. Pat Deis - Gleeson joined today. Libby Hunt was a guest last month and also joined today.

Treasurer Report:
Sally Wester gave us an update on the clubs financial  report.

Women’s Art Club second Sunday show will be November 11 from 1-4.

Alice Fossett won second place in the Women’s art club annual Members Show. This Sunday is the shows last day.

Rising Sun Art Show starts Friday October 5. Both Deb Ward and Lois Schaich have paintings in the show. This show will be up for a month.

Minutes submitted by Kathy Kuyper