Monday, January 28, 2013


Sally Wester - current Treasurer of GCWS
 How long have you been a member of the GCWS and why did you join?
About 8 years.  I joined because I wanted to learn more about watercolors and to develop my skills.

Have you held any positions with the GCWS; if so, what positions?
Right now I am treasurer.
Sally enjoys painting flowers.
 Describe your usual procedures for creating a painting.
I like to paint at my kitchen table.  I often set up a still life of flowers or fruit, then sketch and paint what I see.  Recently I have taken photographs of a still life, then do sketches, referring to the photograph, then work on a painting.  During the past year I have especially grown from Susan Grogan’s lessons at Hobby Lobby at Eastgate.

How long have you been painting.
About 9 years.
Two landscapes painted by Sally.
In what medium, other than watercolor or acrylic, do you work?
Just watercolor at present.
Where do you get your inspiration for paintings?
Most of my inspiration comes from nature – flowers, fruit, animals, landscapes.  Recently I have gotten several ideas and techniques from GCWS meetings, from speakers and teachers like Susan Grogan, Deb Ward, Marilyn Bishop, Marlene Steele, Trish McKinney, Marybeth Martin, Chris Leeper and others.
The painting on the left was  Sally's Christmas card this year!
On the right, a portrait of her husband, Bill.
Are you a teacher?
I am a retired elementary school teacher.
Where do you see yourself in the future?  (ie., is painting a hobby; will you enter shows; do you see yourself teaching?)
I will continue painting as a hobby and will perhaps enter some juried shows.  At some point, I might enjoy teaching watercolors to beginners.  I may take some art classes at the Art Academy.
A landscape based on what she learned in the recent Chris Leeper workshop.
Is there anything else you would like for us to know about you and your art?
Since I was a young child, I was inspired by my Aunt June White who painted wonderful watercolors.  Also, my grandmother, Lily Henninger, started painting in oil in her 60’s.  I always wondered if I had some of their talent.  Since I retired, I discovered that I inherited enough of their talent to really enjoy watercolors and to grow as an artist.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Marilyn Bishop - Founder of the GCWS
The program today is by one of our founding members Marilyn Bishop. She has served in many different areas of the club and has taught classes and workshop on different subjects.  She also has a blog that you can find on the clubs blog.

Marilyn started the program by asking several question about art, one being what artist started doing Collage. It was Picasso that originally used collage as part of his work. She also showed us other collage artwork by famous artists. Marilyn gets some of her inspiration from an artist named Gustav Klimt.
Marilyn starts her bookmarks by using sections of her failed watercolor paintings. She cuts strips from the paintings measuring 1 ¾”  by 7”. She also cuts sections of matt board for the backing of the bookmark. Sometimes the most difficult part of the project is coming up with the colors of matt board to use with the strip of the painting.
Marilyn uses envelopes to aid her process.  She draws a design on the envelope, making notes, and uses the envelope to hold all of the supplies for that particular bookmark.  Then when she is ready to work, she assembles all of her supplies and is ready to start!  (You can see a line of completed bookmarks on the left side of the table above).
Marilyn "auditions" her pieces of failed watercolor paintings, mat board and various small pieces of collage paper.
She then embellishes the background , which is the matt board, with stencils or stamping designs. After  achieving the desired effect on the background she proceeds to edge the matt board in a color to go with her design. In several examples, a silver or gold Pilot ink pen was used.  Using an Elmer’s extreme school glue stick, she glues the painting to the matt board with the help of a roller to press the painting down. She sometimes enhances her painting strips by using an iridescent  acrylic over her work before cutting the strip from her art work. Marilyn then continues to add other visual interest to her bookmark by placing bits of paper from on of her original paintings on her book mark. To make them a little more interesting  she edges each piece with the same color pen that was used for the edge of the matt board. Sometimes Marilyn uses a stain art tissue to add to the design of the bookmark, a process that uses Golden’s fluid acrylic and water painted on art tissue. The use of foil paper and gold leaf adhesive is another technique that is used to add texture to the design of the bookmark.
Using thinned acrylic paint with a sponge to add texture.
Using a silver marker, run along the beveled edge of the matboard.  Marilyn uses an old scrap of
matboard as a ruler to keep the lines straight.
ABOVE:  Marilyn uses stick glue on the back of her paper and a rubber brayer to
thoroughly adhere the collaged pieces.
Using a metallic marker to add small designs.
The completed bookmark.
Below we can follow the process for another bookmark.
Using a stamp to add design and texture to a bookmark.
Adding the metallic line on the edge of the bookmark.
When Marilyn uses tissue paper, instead of cutting the paper, she will take a thin brush, dip it in water, and use that to create a wet line on the paper which she then tears along that line for a deckled edge to the tissue paper.

Utilizing the brayer to adhere the collaged pieces.
Pressing some gold leaf onto the bookmark.
The completed bookmark.
ABOVE:  Sometimes Marilyn writes a saying on the bookmarks.

Marilyn uses "artist tissue paper" for her projects.
She will lightly spray the tissue paper and add watered down acrylics.

Here Marilyn stamps color using the "pop outs" from a child's game.

More design work with the metallic markers.

Pulling color off an old watercolor in preparation to use it on a bookmark.

Line work added.

Here you can see the addition of irridescent medium (TOP) to a failed painting which
will later be cut and added to the bookmarks.
Marilyn brought along a variety of bookmarks to show us different designs and techniques that she has done. The bookmarks sell for $3.00 each.

We would like to thank Marilyn for the remarkable program. It gave us all inspiration on ways to use our failed paintings and bring them back to life.

Submitted by Kathy Kuyper, photos and captions by Deb Ward.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Deb opened the meeting with an announcement that her daughter recently was married over the holidays. We then had the usual meet and greet with our members sitting next to us.

Our inspirational quote from Deb was “It’s true we all have more talent than we think”. Her suggestion to us was don’t be afraid of trying something new you may be better at it than you think.

She asked if anyone had tried portrait painting from the program we had in November. There was only one member at the meeting who was brave enough to attempt it.

New Business:
Post cards have been sent to everyone regarding the next 6 months’ programs. Deb recommended hanging on to these cards so everyone would know the upcoming events. This information will also be on the Blog.  She will also continue to send out reminder emails before the up-coming meeting on what the program will be about.

Information about a meeting being cancelled due to weather can be found on WKRC or you can just call  Rhonda Carpenter or Deb Ward.

Deb just recently purchased a projector from the money we made selling the Fabe paintings given to the club by Carol Steuer.  We will be able to use the projector for programs or possibly our paint-along after the meeting.

Joan O’leary  said the Art Academy was in the process of selecting a recipient for the scholarship money. The scholarship will be presented at the May meeting.

Art Shows:
Deb asked again if anyone would volunteer to chair the art show committee. Sally Wester volunteer to be the chair person for the  art show committee. A couple of members mentioned place that would be possibilities for art shows. These along with others will be up for consideration by Sally and Deb.

Feature Artist:
Sally Wester will be the feature artist next month. Deb still is trying to get more members to volunteer to be feature artist for the up coming months.

Diana Manra is here as a visitor and will be joining the club.

Sally gave us an update on the club’s finances. Also mentioned that in March dues will be due. If anyone occurs expenses that the club needs to pay, a receipt with information on it about what the expense was for would be very helpful for Sally.

Shirley Knollman announced that the Ice Fest in Hamilton is on January 18. It will feature ice cravings of Landmarks Around the World. There is an Art show with the Ice Fest in the city building. Shirley will be a part of the show.

February 2, there is an Arts and Craft show at the North Minister Presbyterian Church in Finneytown.

Deb’s painting that is part of the Ohio Watercolor show is on display at the Vernon Wright Center and will be there until the end of the month. Then it will travel around the state being on display in different Cities in Ohio.

Jo Hogan also showed us some work from a friend of hers, Beatrice Tse, who recently passed away. Beatrice was an outstanding artist and teacher. Her work is similar to the program we are having today on bookmarks made with paintings and collage materials.

Minutes by Kathy Kuyper