Saturday, June 22, 2013

MINUTES - JUNE 5, 2013

Rhonda Carpenter ran the meeting today since Deb Ward was out of town on a painting retreat.

Our July meeting is changed to the 2nd Wednesday, July 10, because of the fourth of July holiday. A membership list is also being passed around again so all members can update any of their information.

Rhonda also reminded us that the Fran Margino workshop will be Oct.25, 26, and 27. You can send your $50 deposit to Deb Ward up until Aug. 1. Fran is an Ohio Watercolorist mainly painting  figures and portraits. The total cost of the workshop will be $100, the rest of the cost is subsidized by the club.

Our next program will be by Beth Goldstien. The subject is expressing yourself as an artist.

Rhonda said that we are still missing about 4 or 5 DVD’s from our library. Please go home and check to make sure you don’t have one at home.

Deb will be sending out reminder post cards next month regarding the rest of the year. Please keep these handy even though this information is on the blog.

Shirley is sending around a sheet for members to volunteer to be sitters for the show. We only need a few more to cover the rest of the show. She also mentioned that there are folders on the back table to enter in the Bethesda North show.

Treasurer report and show report:

Sally gave us an update on the current income and expenses for the club.

We also gave her around of applause for doing such a great job on organizing the show. Sally said that it went well but she will need a little more help on the next show. Painting pick up for the show is Sunday June 30 at 4 o’clock. Please remember to sign out your paintings when picking them up. If you can’t get your painting on Sunday you will have a few days to pick them up during the week before the take them down and put them in storage. If you do sell a painting you must pay a 20% commission to the Women’s Art  Club. The winners of the show are:
!st place  - Deb Ward
2nd Place - Wynne Bittlinger
3rd Place - Barbara Zentgrap
Honorable mention  - Donna Cameron and Shirley Knollman


Tina Csolkvoit, a friend of Nancy Pennington, was a guest today.

Submitted by Kathy Kuyper.

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