Monday, September 23, 2013


Before (and following) our program, we had the art supply sale.  Mary Marxen was a dear lady who asked that her art supplies be sold and the proceeds go to the GCWS Young Artist Award fund.  

As generous in death as she was in life, Mary's bequest will now fund this award for at least the next four years.
Mary Marxen Sale Sign

Setting up before the meeting

Part of the crowd - we easily had 3 times this many people there before the sale was over.
                                        YUKI HALL PRESENTATION

Yuki Hall presented “Injecting mood and atmosphere in Cityscapes.

Yuki is originally from Tokyo, Japan but now resides in the Dayton area. She has won numerous best of show awards in several Watercolor Society shows.

Before the demo she wanted to explain her  painting process. She has a 3 step approach to her painting process.

Goal -  to create a mood and atmosphere. She is more interested in creating the mood rather than recording the actual facts. Yuki wants to leave a feeling in the viewers mind.

Tools - the shapes and values she uses to create interest and sense of feeling. Tonal value is very important to her.

Description - is her painting process which involves a 4 step process.

Do a value study; sometimes it involves a monochromatic painting.
Base washes establish the light value.
Second wash establishes mid-tone which will be the bulk of the painting.
Dark value making sure that they connect together . Then she adds in the calligraphy being very careful not to add too much.

Yuki uses 140 lb. D’Arches rough paper and a mop brush for most of the painting. She has a small #3 brush that is used for the details.

When painting her pictures she uses warm colors near the horizon and on some of the buildings.  She starts painting the thing in the distance and works forward to the dark values and details, always using a combination of hard and soft edges to provide expression.

Yuki amazed us with her skills in painting and creating a very powerful mood within the painting.

The club would like to thank Yuki for the most interesting program and demonstration.
(Submitted by Kathy Kuyper)

Yuki Hall as she explains her painting process.

One of Yuki's value study paintings.
  The following photos show how Yuki progresses through her painting process.

Light wash of colors, cooler at the top, warmer at the horizon.

Adding warm color to the buildings.

Addition of foreground wash.

The above 2 photos show how Yuki lifted out the lane lines in the street.

The above 3 photos show how Yuki ties the painting together with darks.

The above 2 photos show the addition of more color to the buildings.

The above 3 photos show the addition of some of the darks on the buildings.

More darks are added onto the buildings.  Calligraphy marks indicate the windows and roof details.

Darks bring out the center of interest - Yuki painted the trolley in simple shapes of dark value.

Doorways and windows are indicated with simple dark brush strokes.

Simple line work estaablishes the lights and light poles.

Yuki's demo painting at the end of the program.  Yuki told us that although this painting was not
finished, she was able to show us all of the steps she uses for her completed paintings.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Deb started the meeting a little late as we were all enjoying shopping at the Art Supply and Book Sale. The items for the sale were donated by Mary Marxen’s daughter. The proceeds from this sale will go to “Young Artist Award Fund“. The sale brought in a lot of members for this month’s meeting. Members were able to continue shopping after the meeting. There was also a box that members could donate supplies or money to the Art Academy.

Deb said there was a cancellation for the Fran Mangioni Workshop if anyone was still interested. The rest of the payment for the workshop is due next month.

She reminded everyone that there will be a spring workshop put on by Carol Carter.

Officer Nominations:
Deb again passed around nomination sheets for members to sign up for or nominate someone for the club’s officers. She will do this again next month and then in November announce the new officers.

Evergreen Show:
Members entering their work in the show will need to drop off their paintings on Sept 19 between 9:30 and 12. If you want your name and work in the show’s program you will need to pre-register with Joyce Grothaus by Sept 10. The Show’s reception will be on Sunday Sept. 22 between 12 and 4.

You will need to pick up your paintings after the show on Oct. 27 or the following Monday.

We still need a few members to volunteer to sit the show. Shirley Knollman will be passing around the sheet for signing up sitters.

Sally gave us a update on the clubs finances. The money we are making from the Art Sale today will go for the Young Artist Award given in the Spring of 2014.

There was some confusion on the cost of the Evergreen Show. Sally said that Evergreen picks up all the expenses of the show including post cards.

Ariel Williams was a guest today . She is changing careers and is interested in painting watercolors. Ariel found information about the club on the internet.

Lori Meyer was here today and has joined the club. She comes all the way from the Dayton area and recently attended the Christopher Leeper workshop.

Deb Ward has a painting in the Watercolor Society Indiana Show. She will also become a signature member of the Ohio Watercolor Society along with Jean Vance.

Marilyn Bishop recently had a small home d├ęcor shop accept some of her small paintings for their store.

Minutes by Kathy Kuyper