Monday, October 7, 2013


On my way home from our October meeting, I stopped by Evergreen to see our show hanging. 

I attempted to get a photo of at least one of the paintings by each artist.  However, in some instances, no matter where I stood or what I leaned over, I could not get a photo at all, there just was too much glare on the painting.  So - my apologies to anyone who does not have a painting represented here. 

I have done my best to give the name of each artist with the painting, but, again, my apologies if I have these wrong.
Joan Ammerman
Marilyn Bishop
Marion Bostian
Steve Bromberg
Donna Cameron
Rhonda Carpenter
Juanita Dougherty
Ardelle Duffy
Carolyn Gesteland
Suzanne Geigler
Joyce Grothaus
Jan Hay

Kathy Lawrence
Jane Hittinger

Shirley Knollman
Diana Marra
Joan Miley
Virginia Mooney
Judy Reed
Lois Schaich
Jean Soller
Larry Sparks
Janet Vennemeyer
Deb Ward (flanked by Diana Marra)
Sally Wester
Nancy Wisely

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Marilyn said...

That was terrific that you took the time to take the photos and then post them on the GCWS blog. It gives people a great idea about the work that we produce. Thank you.