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Red Paisley Scarf 
How long have you been a member of the GCWS and why did you join?
I have been a member for probably 9 or 10 years.  I joined GCWS after hearing about it from several painting friends.
Japanese Tea
Have you held any positions with the GCWS; if so, what positions?
Almost as soon as I joined, I was nominated for Program Chair and I held that position for about 3 years, perhaps longer, until someone else volunteered to take over.  Since then I have worked on membership (I keep the membership book up to date and have it printed annually; did send out reminder notices until Rhonda began doing that; send out dues forms, etc.).  I update the blog, and have been show chair for 2 or 3 shows.   I’m currently the President (since 2012) until March when my term is up.  In other words, I’ve been pretty active in the organization!
What are some of your artistic achievements?
My work has been included in a number of state and national shows (please see the list below) but I’m most excited about having a painting (Ying Yang Mums - see below) accepted into the National Watercolor Society 2012 Annual Show.  Not only was that painting accepted into the NWS traveling show through the end of December, 2013, it was also made into the postcard for that exhibition! 
Ying Yang Mums

I’m also very excited that my work will be in two books to be released in 2014 and in the Watercolor Artist Magazine in the April issue. 
Red Zinger
2013 Pennsylvania Watercolor Society 34th Annual International Juried Exhibition - “Dragon Mum” (Watercolor)
2013 ViewPoint 45 – “Dragon Tea” (Watercolor)
2013 Georgia Watercolor Society National Show – “Dragon Mums” (Watercolor)
2012 National Watercolor Society 92nd Annual Open Exhibition, Traveling Show and Post Card Image - “Ying Yang Mums” (Watercolor)
2012 ViewPoint 44 – “Flights of Fancy” (Watercolor)
2012 Georgia Watercolor Society National Show – “Farmall” (Fluid Acrylic)
2011 Georgia Watercolor Society National Show – “Industrial Revolution” (Watercolor)
2010 Georgia Watercolor Society National Show – “Blue Pitcher and Pears on Lace” (Fluid Acrylic) – Sam Flax Award
2009 Richeson75:  Still Life & Floral – “Sunlit Pears 2” (Casein), “Apples on Lace” (Casein) and “Grandpa’s Shaving Mug with Roses” (Casein)
2007 ViewPoint -  “Sunlit Pears” (Casein)
2002 ViewPoint – “Line O’ Limos” (Watercolor) – Watercolor Magic magazine Award
Dragon Teapot
2012 Georgia Watercolor Society Juried Members    Show – “Red Zinger” (Watercolor) 3rd Place Award
2013 Watercolor Society of Indiana Annual Juried Exhibit – “Flights of Fancy” (Watercolor) - Award
2013 Ohio Watercolor Society 36th Annual Juried Exhibition – “Red Paisley Scarf” (Watercolor) – Awarded Signature Status
2012 Georgia Watercolor Society Juried Members    Show – “Flights of Fancy” (Watercolor)
2012 Ohio Watercolor Society 35th Annual Juried     Exhibition – “Oriental Roses” (Fluid Acrylic)
2010 Georgia Watercolor Society Member Show –    “Agave” (Watercolor)
2009 Georgia Watercolor Society Member Show –    “Roses on Grandma’s Quilt” (Watercolor)
Dragon Mum
2014 Watermedia Showcase, Watercolor Artist Magazine
  April, 2014 Issue
2014 AcrylicWorks:  Best of Acrylic (Published 2014)
2014 The Artistic touch 6 (Published 2014)
2009  Best of America Watermedia Artists, Vol. II,
   Kennedy Publishing, 2009

Describe your usual procedures for creating a painting.
I used to have a pretty standard way of starting a painting, but lately it seems to change from painting to painting. 
USUALLY (nothing is ever “always” in watercolor!) after transferring my drawing to the paper, I will wet the paper all over and begin painting or dripping light washes of color across the paper.  After those washes dry, I begin building up layers (glazing), working toward the darks and the details.
However, sometimes I will work a painting section by section or item by item - it just depends. 
Industrial Revolution
How long have you been painting?
Since the mid-1990s
Tea With Bee Zee
In what medium, other than watercolor or acrylic, do you work?
Acrylic, fluid acrylic and casein.  I have also recently begun to do some pastels.
Flights of Fancy
Where do you get your inspiration for paintings?
As far as inspiration, sometimes I will see something that just speaks to me and take photos of that subject, but I usually do set ups with my fabrics and objects that I either have inherited from my mother and grandmother, or which I have accumulated over the years.
My forte is still life and florals, and I usually work in a series, which helps me to know what I will be painting next.  Currently I am working on a series based on oriental themed fabrics which I have been collecting over the years, or which have been given to me.  I am also known for my lace paintings.
Shaker Bottles
Are you a teacher?
I have been teaching since 2004 and currently give classes in my home and for the Cincinnati Recreation Commission at Dunham (2 or 3 sessions).  
This year I will be holding a couple of workshops here at the Art Club building and hope that some of the GCWS members will be able to attend them.
I also conduct 4 evening programs throughout the year for the Hansen Center in Batesville, Indiana.
Teapot and Orbs on Pink Silk

Where do you see yourself in the future?  (i.e., is painting a hobby; will you enter shows; do you see yourself teaching?)
I would like to see myself progressing in art competitions – there are a few shows that I aspire to be in but have not “made the grade” yet!  I would like to keep teaching, and would hope that my classes will grow.  I view painting as a part of my life, and as long as I am able to do so, I hope to keep painting for many more years!
Oriental Roses
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Is there anything else you would like for us to know about you and your art?
I love teaching, especially adult beginners!

Please take a look at my blog for more information about me and my paintings. 

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