Monday, April 21, 2014

PROGRAM - April 2, 2014

Rhonda introduced our Guest Artist – Peggy Bishop, who is a very talented specialist in painting Glass and Crystal.  Peggy uses a photo realistic approach, gives much attention to details.  Her work has been displayed in many places, including the Alps.  Peggy works full-time, so has only evenings and weekends to pursue her artwork.  It takes hours just to set up, get the lighting correct, and take multiple photos of her subject.  She doesn’t print out the photos, but enters them into her I-Pad.  That way she can zoom in on details, etc.
I-pad used during painting - details can easily be enlarged.
She generally use 140 lb. paper on gator board, or sometimes a 260 lb. paper, that she then staples to plywood, and tapes down for a sharp edge.  When she uses masque, she uses a bottle that has an ultra-fine dispenser.  It clogs easily so must be washed immediately.  She uses sable brushes, usually quite small; some with brushes at both ends.  She has recently gotten a new palette, with no dividers, and is using only fully-transparent colors.  She recommends mixing more paint than you think needed.  She tries out the mixed color on another piece of paper before applying to her painting.  She worked on an easel that she purchased at Hobby Lobby for about $20.  She normally stands or half sits while she paints.
Set up - slanted easel, double-ended brushes and "color wheel" palette.
Her subject for the demo was a background of satin cloth, with a wine bottle, crystal wine glass, and some reflective “eggs”.  She did not use masque on the cloth because she wanted it to be very soft, no hard edges.  She had prepared some of the painting before hand so that we could watch her do the glass/crystal parts.  She did the dark part of the eggs first, then worked on the crystal wine glass.  She suggested leaving more white spaces than there really are – that somehow it makes it more realistic.  The secret to shininess is contrast; dark next to light.
The golden eggs are completed.
She said that glassware is more forgiving than one would think, and that the pattern doesn’t have to be “perfect” to look good.  If you get fatigued in working on all the details, take a break, work on another piece, or advance another project; then go back to the precision work.  Asked a question, she responded – no, she does not put “imaginary” colors into the glass – at least not on purpose.  Upon a request from the audience, she painted the wine bottle half-full.
We asked her to paint the wine bottle half full - and she did!
Here she is lifting some highlights on the bottle.

It was fascinating to see a crystal wine glass appear before our eyes.  Wonderful work!
There was a critique session, and then lunch for those staying to paint.  See you next month!
She began adding "sparkle" to the wine glass bowl and stem.

Here she is painting "wine" into the bottom of the glass - AMAZING!

We were told this painting was not yet finished - but we were all thrilled with the result.

Submitted by Joyce Grothaus, Secretary, GCWS

Photos by Deb Ward

Thursday, April 17, 2014

MINUTES - April 2, 2014

Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society
April 2, 2014 Meeting/Program

Spring has given us some better weather, and though a bit rainy, brought in a large attendance for our April meeting/program.   Our new president, Marilyn Bishop, asked our guests to introduce themselves and asked Membership co-chair, Deb Ward, to give us a report.  As of March, we have 68 people signed up and paid.  There are a number who have yet to send their check to Sally Wester, Treasurer.  If you are one of those, get busy; you won’t want to miss any of our upcoming events!  The Treasurer’s report indicated that the GCWS is in good shape financially; we’ll be able to accomplish our goals for this year.
Carol McAfee gave a short report on the GCWS Annual Art Exhibit.  It will be held at “The Barn”, 6980 Cambridge Ave. in  Mariemont, OH  The Hanging date is Aug. 13; Take Down is Aug. 26.   Reception date is Aug. 17, from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.   All members are invited to enter.   This will be a judged show, and First, Second, and Third Prizes will be given. 
Secretary Joyce Grothaus had copies of last month’s Minutes on the back table for those who do not have access to the GCWS Blog.
Rhonda Carpenter gave an update on the Carol Carter workshop for April 4-6.  There are 20 attendees, including 3 from out-of-state, and 1 other non- member.  It will be a very worthwhile learning experience.
Scholarship chair, Joan O’Leary, talked about the two $500 purses that we will be giving at the May meeting.   One is the Young Adult Award, and the other a Mary Marxen Award.   They will be given to selected students from the Art Academy, who will attend, receive their certificates, and show some of their work.
Our Program for May will be given by Marilyn Bishop – Watercolor and Pastels- particularly How to Save a Failed Watercolor, or Enliven it by Using Pastels.
In June, we will have the Carol Carter (International Artist) Program/Demo that was re-scheduled from February – Powerful, Evocative Paintings.   For those who will stay after the meeting to paint, it is suggested that you might want to try one of the styles that were presented in March or April.
Each attending member received a copy of the GCWS Program Plans for 2014-15, made up from the ideas that were generated by members at the March meeting.  Many of these ideas and suggestions have people who are willing to follow up and help with the program.  But, we still need an overall Coordinator/Scheduler.  This is an important position which will allow us to continue to have the meaningful meetings that we have had in the past.  Everyone was asked to consider giving at least a bit of time or talent to the group to achieve our goals.
Announcements were made for various Art Shows, and Exhibits that our members have entered:
Joan Abdon, Carolyn Hibbard, Deb Ward and Susan Grogan’s paintings were selected to be in the Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati 121st. Annual Juried Exhibition, Reception April 6.  
The SE Indiana Art Guild is having their Spring Art Show in Aurora, IN; Reception April 26 6-8 p.m There will be a Regional Art Exhibit by the SE IN Art Guild in August.  More info later.  
Joan Abdon's painting which won First Place at the WACC show.
Congratulations, Joan!

Carolyn Hibbard's painting at the WACC show.
Deb Ward's painting at the WACC show (Winsor & Newton Award)
Larry Sparks gave information on the SW Ohio Plein Air traveling group, (no meetings, no rules), just all painting at the same place at the same time – on Thursdays from Apr. to Oct.  
There is an Art show Apr. 26-27 – Montgomery Women’s Club. 
Also, Deb Ward will present a “Pouring” Workshop on Apr. 26-27 at our regular meeting place.  Please notify Deb by April 15 if you would like to attend.
If you have an announcement, please send the details to Deb so that she can put it onto the Blog.   Deb asked that everyone consider being a Featured Artist.  We would all like to know more about our members, what they enjoy painting, etc.   It is a simple process – just answering a few questions about yourself, and showing a couple of your paintings.  You can do it!

Monday, April 14, 2014


We sponsored a workshop by Carol Carter on April 4, 5, and 6.

WOW!  What a wonderful experience.  If you ever get a chance to take a workshop with Carol, DO IT!

We worked hard, laughed hard and got great results!  And - we worked up until 3:45 on Day 3 and we were begging for a few more minutes!  When was the last time you attended a workshop that went until the very last minute?  Usually by 3 p.m. it's a ghost town - even the instructor will have packed up!

Here are links to two other blogs with great posts about this workshop:
Rhonda Carpenter - Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Souvenirs
Gaylynn Robinson

And here are some photos from the workshop - enjoy!

Carol starting us off on Day 1.

20 artists - 16 GCWS members, 4 non-members including 3 out-of-towners.
It was a packed house and we worked hard!

End of Day 1.  (Couldn't fit them all into the frame!)

End of Day 2 - we hung them better today!

Day 3 - at 4 p.m.!
This stunning iris was painted by our President using Carol's techniques.
Can you say "Gorgeous"!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


How long have you been a member of the GCWS and why did you join?
Member since the beginning (I missed the first meeting as I was out of town). I joined because I wanted to learn how to paint watercolors and this evolved into my being accepted as an equal.

Have you held any positions with the GCWS; if so, what positions?
No positions as I am not in town on a regular basis.  
What are some of your artistic achievements?
I have been in some local art shows and because of what the members of GCWS have done for me I now teach workshops in local art centers, at lakeside Ohio, at Hobby Lobby, and on cruise ships.

Describe your usual procedures for creating a painting.
Most of my paintings are inspired by places I have visited while traveling. Other paintings are derived from imagination and talking with others. I enjoy Plein Air painting.

How long have you been painting?
All my life I have been drawing and painting. I have been exposed to art in the various museums in New York City while growing up.

In what medium, other than watercolor or acrylic, do you work?
These are the only media I use.

Where do you get your inspiration for paintings?
Everywhere I go I see potential paintings. I am usually intrigued by the play of lights and darks on various surfaces.  I like to explore the various shapes I see around me and mentally move natural elements into pleasing compositions. This is also the main thing I attempt to convey to my students.

Are you a teacher?
Yes, I teach watercolor. I especially enjoy introducing those who have never painted before to the techniques and processes of creating a painting.
Where do you see yourself in the future?  (i.e., is painting a hobby; will you enter shows; do you see yourself teaching?)
I would like to be able to share my paintings with other people. I am not a professional artist but I do gain a lot of excitement whenever someone likes my art enough to buy one. I would also like to be able to join with other artists to have painting sessions and discuss our art, but this far I have been unsuccessful in finding like minded artists.

Your website:  in progress
Your blog spot:  not sure how to do this

Is there anything else you would like for us to know about you and your art?
I have covered all I know regarding my artistic efforts but I would like to add that I imagine a finished painting and would like to be able to translate this onto my paper. This is the number one thing that the GCWS has done for me via the critique sessions at each meeting. I encourage everyone to take part in this. I do this for all my students during every class.