Tuesday, April 1, 2014


How long have you been a member of the GCWS and why did you join?
Member since the beginning (I missed the first meeting as I was out of town). I joined because I wanted to learn how to paint watercolors and this evolved into my being accepted as an equal.

Have you held any positions with the GCWS; if so, what positions?
No positions as I am not in town on a regular basis.  
What are some of your artistic achievements?
I have been in some local art shows and because of what the members of GCWS have done for me I now teach workshops in local art centers, at lakeside Ohio, at Hobby Lobby, and on cruise ships.

Describe your usual procedures for creating a painting.
Most of my paintings are inspired by places I have visited while traveling. Other paintings are derived from imagination and talking with others. I enjoy Plein Air painting.

How long have you been painting?
All my life I have been drawing and painting. I have been exposed to art in the various museums in New York City while growing up.

In what medium, other than watercolor or acrylic, do you work?
These are the only media I use.

Where do you get your inspiration for paintings?
Everywhere I go I see potential paintings. I am usually intrigued by the play of lights and darks on various surfaces.  I like to explore the various shapes I see around me and mentally move natural elements into pleasing compositions. This is also the main thing I attempt to convey to my students.

Are you a teacher?
Yes, I teach watercolor. I especially enjoy introducing those who have never painted before to the techniques and processes of creating a painting.
Where do you see yourself in the future?  (i.e., is painting a hobby; will you enter shows; do you see yourself teaching?)
I would like to be able to share my paintings with other people. I am not a professional artist but I do gain a lot of excitement whenever someone likes my art enough to buy one. I would also like to be able to join with other artists to have painting sessions and discuss our art, but this far I have been unsuccessful in finding like minded artists.

Your website:  in progress
Your blog spot:  not sure how to do this

Is there anything else you would like for us to know about you and your art?
I have covered all I know regarding my artistic efforts but I would like to add that I imagine a finished painting and would like to be able to translate this onto my paper. This is the number one thing that the GCWS has done for me via the critique sessions at each meeting. I encourage everyone to take part in this. I do this for all my students during every class.

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