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Marilyn Bishop is our first, past and current President!  She founded the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society where she has served not only as President, but also as Program Chair,  Exhibit Chair, Publicity Author, Library Manager and Historian.
New Richmond Rocks
Street scene along Front Street in New Richmond on the Ohio River.

Following her academic degrees awarded at the University of Dayton from the Department of Communication and Department of Religious Studies, Marilyn began to learn the art of watercolor.  Her enthusiasm led to further study at the Springmaid Watermedia Workshops, Cincinnati Art Academy Community Education, The Rosewood Center, Sinclair College Community Education and Baker Hunt Foundation.  She has learned also through self-study using videos and books as her guides.  She has taught watercolor classes at area recreation centers and has given workshops for the Watercolor Society.

Marilyn enjoys painting in new ways to create interesting texture and shape.  In addition to watercolors, she creates monotype images, collages of non-objective design using rice paper and stained paper collages.
Blue Chairs
Inside the Ross Goudy Historic site in New Richmond, Ohio. 
 Imaginary colors on classic furnishings.
Recently she has been painting watercolors in the style of Matisse and Judy Anderson - lots of color and cubist sections.  Each painting has its origin in scenes of New Richmond, Ohio.  Marilyn takes photos during festivals and events that celebrate the heritage of New Richmond.  Some photos are taken inside the Front Street Cafe and others inside the historic Ross Goudy House.  Most are just street scenes during events.  Then the buildings and people are combined and a painting is designed which is painted intuitively using pure color and contrasting colors.  The color wheel comes in handy!
Festival New Richmond
Street scene in New Richmond, Ohio.  
Musician was performer at weekly music gigs inside the Front Street Cafe.
Marilyn says "After the drawing is on the paper I start painting without knowing just where I am going!"
Rhythm in Red
Musician inside Front Street Cafe where music is offered three nights a week.  
There were two women; we see the hands and keyboard of one and the other was a drummer.  
Her clothes and hair were all creative interpretations designed to show the energy of the performers.
On display at the Front Street Cafe, 120 Front Street, New Richmond, Ohio
Her original watercolors have been shown at Gallery St. John in Beavercreek, Ohio; Favorite Things in Bridgetown, Ohio; Row Hose Gallery in Milford, Ohio; Red Tree Gallery in Oakley, Ohio; Front Street Gallery in New Richmond, Ohio and at the Essex Studios in East Walnut Hills.

For more information about Marilyn,  click on her blog here (or click on our blog roll any time).

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