Thursday, August 14, 2014


For the August meeting we did something different - we took a bus trip to Middletown, Ohio where we visited the Middletown Arts Center, the Beau Verre Riordan Studios and had lunch at Murphy's Landing.

These photos were taken at Murphy's Landing, the restaurant that is attached to the Beau Verre Riordan Studios.

After lunch we went to the attached Beau Verre Riordan Studio where we had presentations on the history of the studio as well as education about stained glass.  There is somewhat of a misunderstanding about "Stained Glass."  The stained glass is actually "painted" with fine particles of glass and fired as many as 20 times to give a painted look.  This is used in the face and arms of the window with the exotic woman which is inspired by Gustav Klimt.  The transparent window pieces are constructed of glass that are received pre colored and are transparent or translucent.  Sometimes it is created in folds that give the impression of the folds in a dress such as shown in the window of the angel.

The window with many faceted pieces demonstrates the skill of the owner who handcut each piece of clear glass to produce the face
Window uses stained glass plus art glass.

Window created by Beau Verre owner using hand cut facets.

Beau Verre Glass Studio
After the educational presentation, we were shown the working studios where people were cutting glass and preparing a window.

Window being readied for leading.
Sheets of glass used in windows.

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