Thursday, August 20, 2015


This month’s meeting was a busy one indeed.  It was the day our members brought in their paintings for the GCWS Annual Exhibit for “Hanging” Day; that is, the day everyone’s entries were “hung” on the walls of the “Barn” – (WACC)  in Mariemont, Ohio.  There are 65-70 wonderful works of Art.  The Reception for the Show, Sun, Aug. 9, was well attended, and enjoyed by all.  It will be open to the public until Aug. 23.  “Take-Down” day is Tuesday, Aug. 25, (10:00 – 12:00).  Please pick up your paintings that day, or have someone get them for you.

It was announced that Carol McAfee, Chair of the Exhibit, would give a training session after today’s meeting, for all of the members who will be “Sitters” for the Exhibit.  Also, those who are bringing refreshments for the Reception, were encouraged to bring “lots”, since we were running short last year.  (We did have “lots” of fabulous food for the Reception.)

At 10:00 a.m., our President, Marilyn Bishop, welcomed everyone, including some new members, Mary Fleischmann, and Jan Boldt, from the Anderson area, as well as a couple of guests.   Sally Wester, Treasurer, gave her report.  Our money is adequate to handle our needs.   Dianna Duncan, chair of our Sue Archer Workshop, gave a report on the finances of that endeavor.  The $200 cost for members is probably the right amount to charge in order to come out even on this project.  All attendees enjoyed the Workshop immensely.

Membership/Blog Chair Deb Ward gave us the number 87 for number of current members, as of 8/5.  She put a supply of GCWS brochures in the entry of the Barn for use during the Exhibit.  Deb also announced that she will be giving up her two jobs for our Club.  She explained that one or two people can take over these responsibilities.  One person could be Membership Chair, and another, the Blog Chair.  Elections will be coming up in the Fall.  Think about it!

If anyone has Announcements that they would like to go into the Minutes/Blog, please fill out an Information form lying on the back table, and give it to Joyce Grothaus, Secretary.  Joan Abdon is in a show in Indiana;  Deb Ward is giving a workshop Aug 15/16; has one place open;  Judith Reed is in the Queen City Art Club Show in Montgomery.

Our Program Chair, Joan O’Leary gave a report on upcoming Events.  In September, Louise Allen will present “Unleashed” – and wouldn’t give us a clue about what it will entail; should be fun!   For our October meeting, Trish McKinney will return, with a program entitled “Layers of Understanding”.  Joan then introduced Jean Vance, for the August Program.

Submitted by Joyce Grothaus, GCWS Secretary, August, 2015

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