Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Trish McKinney
Our Presenter was Trish McKinney, who said she was “so glad to be here” – especially since she encountered quite a bit of traffic on the way.  Trish has quite a resume, including being an award-winning artist in the Ohio Watercolor Society, teaching in Italy, and teaching an upcoming class in France.  She will also be giving a presentation at this year’s Ohio Watercolor Society’s Show October 18th, in Middletown.
Trish loves to tell stories with her paintings, and she has lately become very interested in Chet Close’s concept of painting a work that looks very different from far away or near.  This is why she called today’s presentation “Layers of Understanding”.
Trish first sees a “Moment” – for instance, her daughter’s hair blowing in the wind.  She paints that, and then picks a stencil that “fits” the feeling, or emotion, or understanding that she wants to convey with her painting.  She encouraged us to “Be Aware” of such moments.

She used Arches 140 lb. hot press paper, with a matte medium for a watercolor under-painting of her daughter’s face and hair with lots of color.  She is now a certified teacher with Golden products and likes the pigment quality of the Golden fluid acrylics paints.  She used the matte medium so that she could “lift” paint later if she chose to.  She likes having “options”.  Trish has purchased stencils from stencilgirlproducts.com, and now she has created some of her own that they are selling for her.  She explained how we too can make our own by drawing a pattern, finding a local place that does “signs”; have them die-cut stencils of your pattern.  Or, you might find something you can use at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby – for both stencils, or other “tools” that are made for crafts, but can be used to be creative in your painting.

Trish first used stencil adhesive to keep it attached onto her painting.  Then she used little sponge rollers to “paint” on gesso and two paint colors – one light, one dark – that had already been used in the original under-painting – to bring vitality, interest and excitement into the work.  She brought light values into dark, and dark values into light, and made lost and found edges.  As she worked, she stepped back and studied it, looking for any place that needed to be “balanced” with a light or dark color; or needed to be made “cool” or warm”; and to see if she needed to “lift”, with alcohol, any place (particularly on the face).  This is why you need a good strong painting first; so you can “play”.  All of this gives you “layers”.  It takes a great deal of courage to paint over an already wonderful painting.

Trish emphasized how important it is to be part of a “community” of artists – a group that supports each other, paints with each other (even the Masters did this), and values all members, not taking anyone for granted.

Trish then led some Critiques of work brought in by members, and gave us pointers on how we could learn to critique our own paintings.

Submitted by Joyce Grothaus, Secretary, GCWS, October, 2015

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Many of you were already aware that our President, Marilyn Bishop, recently had a bad fall, had knee surgery, and was not able to come to our meeting today.  Sally Wester, Treasurer, graciously agreed to fill in for Marilyn to lead the business part of the day.  It was also announced that Rhonda Carpenter also had a fall, and while no surgery, has to take it easy for awhile.

Sally introduced our two new members, Shirley Cooper, from Batavia, who loves watercolor and is looking forward to learning all she can, and Cindy Maxson.  We also had three guests:  Elizabeth Clark, who just started painting w/c, and found us online;  Rosemary Leicht and Joan Keuney, Union Township, who want to expand their horizons.   Jacqueline Sullivan, who came to the meeting today to help our Presenter, is herself a teacher of acrylics.  Welcome to all!

Sally also gave the Treasurer’s Report – we have adequate money in our account to handle our needs.  If anyone wants more specifics, please contact Sally.

Announcements:  Jacqueline told us about a workshop that Trish McKinney is giving in her studio in Tipp City, OH, on Oct. 22, 23, 24.  It is titled “Experimental Watercolor”.  It will encompass w/c and acrylic, and pouring.  Info:  trishmc514@aol.com.
It was announced that our Annual Exhibit will be at the “Barn” again next year; this time in June  (1–21).  Judith Reed will be the Chair of this event.
Deb Ward currently has paintings featured at the Indianapolis Museum of Art for the Watercolor Society of Indiana show there (through the end of November) and also at the Carmel Gallery of the Hoosier Salon in Carmel, IN (through the end of October).

It is time for a new slate of Officers on the GCWS Leadership Team.  Small blue cards were passed out to attending members, with space to write in member names that you would like to nominate for the various offices.  You may nominate yourself, or another member.  If you were not at the meeting, and wish to nominate someone, you are certainly very welcome to do so.  Please mail, or email, or call in your nominations to Marilyn, Sally, or Joyce BEFORE Halloween (Oct 31), as Nov. 4 is the day we will all be voting for the Leadership Team.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Claudia Taylor, as Acting Program Chair for today, announced that the Presenter for November will be Barb Smucker.  The title of her program is “Layers of Love”, about abstract painting, and she will give a free mini Workshop after the meeting.  If you intend to stay for the w/s, please bring your own regular supplies, i.e., brushes, paints, water container, etc.  She would also like you to bring a piece of Hot Press Paper, and w/c pencils or pens.  We will be ordering pizza for lunch.  If you would prefer something else, you are welcome to bring your own.

There is a wonderful opportunity for us to attend the Ohio Watercolor Society Show this year.  It is being held at the Middletown Art Center.  Our GCWS has four members who have had their paintings accepted into the show.  Fabulous!  If you are interested in going, it might be good to call the MAC to check just when they are open (we believe they are not open on Fri, or Sat.)  On Sunday, the 18th from 2-4, they have a Trish McKinney workshop.

Our Presenter for this meeting was Trish McKinney.

Submitted by Joyce Grothaus, GCWS Secretary, October, 2015