Monday, November 9, 2015


On a gorgeous November day, the GCWS had a fine showing of members and guests for our meeting.  President Marilyn Bishop, disregarding her aches and pains from her recent fall, called the meeting to order, and asked the guests to introduce themselves.  We had Barb, from an Art Class at the Sycamore Senior Center, LaDonna Fritz, and our new member Marjorie Grubbs, student of Lois Schaich.  Welcome to all!

Marilyn asked for a show of hands for those staying for the mini-workshop after the Program, so we could order pizza for lunch.  There were about 12 who stayed, learned firsthand how to develop their own version of the Program techniques that were presented today.  (All of those who stayed were delighted with the workshop.)

Treasurer Sally Wester gave her report.  We have a healthy balance; details are always available by talking to Sally.  She is, however, resigning from this job, after doing it beautifully for a number of years.  There was discussion of who would be willing to “run” for this office, as we were going to have nominations and voting for the Leadership Team today.

Membership Chair Deb Ward’s report – we have 90 current members.  She prepared a paper with the names and info for new people who are not in the current Membership Book, so that we may put them into our own books.  These reports are always put on the back table, - as are forms upon which members can write any information they have for Announcements – to give to the Secretary to put into the Minutes/Blog.  There are always some copies of Minutes from the last meeting also on the back table.

Marilyn next presented the Slate of Nominees for the new Leadership Team:
            President  -  Kathy Lang
            Membership  -  Lydia Rittinger
            Program Chair  -  Claudia Taylor
            Secretary  -  Joyce Grothaus
            Treasurer  -  Carol Fencl
As there were no additional Nominations from the floor, Marilyn asked the members to Vote for the presented Slate of Officers for the Leadership Team.  All members were in favor and the new Team was approved.  These members will take Office officially at the March meeting (as we will have no meetings in January or February).  The group will have a meeting before then with the present Team to discuss the transition.

Eileen Hulsman told the membership that Jean Vance would be interested in doing a Workshop for our group.  Her name will be added to the list we have for possible Presenters for our Workshop – which will probably be in the Fall this year, as the Annual Exhibit will be in the Spring (June).

Announcements:  Diana Marra has work in the Magical Starlight Celebration, from November 5 through December 31 at the Cincinnati Art Center.  She will be selling original paintings and notecards.

Fun!  Fun!  For our December meeting, we will have our Annual Party and Sale.  All members attending are asked to bring something to eat – either something you have made (yummy) – or you can even buy it  J   The Leadership Team will provide the liquid refreshments.

If you have some “gently used” Art Supplies/books, etc., that you don’t need any more, please bring them – someone else would love to buy them.   Also, if you have some small artwork such as cards or bookmarks that you would like to offer for sale, you may do so.  Please put a “gentle” price on them – even dollar amounts please – and put an envelope, with your name on the outside, on your items so that members may put their money into your envelope. 
Reminder:  there will be no meetings in January or February.

Program Chair Joan O’Leary (who, by the way, did a fantastic job this year) announced that Marilyn Bishop will give the Program in March.  The Judge for our August Annual Exhibit, and professor at Mt. St. Joseph College, will present in April, and in May, Alan Hutton (whose work we saw when we took our Bus Trip to Middletown) will present.  What a great lineup of Programs to start the GCWS new year!
Submitted by Joyce Grothaus,  GCWS Secretary, November, 2015

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