Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Marilyn's painting - completed during the program today.
Claudia Taylor, new Program Chair, introduced this month’s Teacher – Marilyn Bishop.  Claudia reminded us that Marilyn is the “creator” (along with some others) of the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society.  She has a rich history of artistic accomplishments, having taught, and having her work shown all around the Greater Cincinnati area.  She also continues to learn, and is always anxious to share the new ideas, sources, and techniques that she finds.  Her Subject for this demonstration -  “Paint the Background;  See the Foreground”.

Marilyn gave credit for learning about this technique a while back from Wanda Montgomery.  She has done a number of paintings like this, and thoroughly enjoys it.  She used a one-inch Robert Simmons brush with sharp edges, and 300 lb. paper so that it would hold firm while lots of “watery” paint was put on it.  She uses only three colors for each painting.  For this one, she used raw sienna, burnt sienna, and ultramarine blue.

She began by putting “dabs” of the lighter color paint on the paper, rather randomly, leaving lots of white space, particularly in the lower third of the paper; then dried it.  She explained that it is “all about the shapes”.  With a pencil, she drew in the shapes of three pears, some overlapping.  Using the same colors, she painted around these shapes.  Then, using different mixtures of the same colors, let them run together around the shapes.  She chose to leave one corner very light, but put thick paint in some places.  Don’t get too dark too soon.  She used various implements, stamps, etc. to make subtle “patterns”, particularly on these thick paint places.  Next, she sprayed some places, causing rivulets to run down to the bottom of the paper.  She even tapped the bottom of the paper on the table to cause more to run.

As Marilyn dried her paper in between, she passed around to the members some examples of her completed paintings, and some that were made into cards, etc.  Everyone really enjoyed seeing these.  Marilyn used VistaPrint to get the cards made.
Continuing on, she made her colors darker, and painted again around the pear shapes; sprayed more, and “patterned” more.  This causes the shapes to come “forward”.   This is the time to paint in a bit of detail on the main shapes.  It was interesting to see them become very visible as she worked.   When time was up, Marilyn, as a usual perfectionist painter like most of us are, said she would like to do a few more things to it before calling it finished.  The group asked her to bring it to the next meeting for all to see.

Marilyn also told us about hanging a few of her paintings out on her porch, with plexiglass and a metal frame, and on a foam core backing, the weather did not harm them; all were amazed.  She also told us about a company she is working with lately (fineartamerica.com) that will take your painting and put it on a pillow, or cup, etc. and sell it for you.  The artist gets a small markup for each one sold.  Marilyn always does a great job of teaching us, and inspiring us to try new things.

There was just one painting for Critique this month.

Submitted by Joyce Grothaus, Secretary, GCWS,  March, 201

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