Tuesday, March 8, 2016


It is Happy New Year time for the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society as we did not meet in January or February.  Members were very glad to reconnect with friends and also with our watercolor educational pursuits.

Marilyn Bishop, our outgoing President called the meeting to order, welcoming all members and guests, including Rosemary, Bonnie, and Marsha.   Today is the day our current Leadership Team “retires”, and the new Team takes office.  Marilyn also wanted to specifically honor some members who are handling some very important “jobs” for the group.  Joan Ammerman takes care of the club’s DVD Library (we have a new one – A Little Watercolor, by Karin Huehold);  Jean Soller prepares and sends out the Reminder Postcards every month; Dianna Duncan is working on the Workshop, and Judith Reed is chairing our Annual Exhibit.

They look like a happy bunch!

The group honored Marilyn with a gift card to Hobby Lobby and a beautiful bouquet of flowers in appreciation for all that she has done to support GCWS, especially this past year.  The Leadership Team was called to the front, and thanked for their service.  Then each new LT member was called up to “replace” the outgoing one.   The new Team will be headed up by Kathy Lang, President.  Lydia Rittinger is now Membership, assisted by ongoing member Jane Hittinger.  Carol Fencl is the new Treasurer, and Claudia Taylor is the new Program Chair.  Joyce Grothaus will remain as Secretary, as well as Joan Miley as Facilities Chair.  Deb Ward has also agreed to stay on as the Blog “owner”.  The GCWS certainly appreciates all of the good work and time spent by all of the outgoing LT members.

Now they look like they are serious enough to hold their positions!

The members asked Kathy Lang to tell us a bit about herself.  Kathy is new to Watercolor, only taking it up after she retired not too long ago.  She started as a student of Deb Ward.  She joined the GCWS to continue learning about new techniques, and to expand her artistic horizons.  She went to U.C., starting in the Education field, but then changed to Recreation courses.  She has been a lifeguard, taught aquatics and other recreational activities, and finally headed up the whole Recreation program in Cincinnati, responsible for ball fields, and all manner of activities.  She loved the wonderful variety of Programs that she was involved with, especially the Reds Rookies Success Program.  She is definitely an “Organizer” and an “Instigator”, and we all appreciate that she has taken on the Presidency.

Sally Wester, outgoing Treasurer, gave her report.  We are in good financial shape, and will be in better shape when all members pay their dues for this year.  (It’s time to give or send them to Carol Fencl, new Treasurer).  Our good friends, Shirley Knollman, and Howard Krauss will not be renewing, and Howard sent a very nice letter to the group, thanking everyone for all their help and friendship over the years.
There was a discussion of the Annual Exhibit, to be held June 1 through June 21st, at the “Barn” in Mariemont about how the show will be set up, run, etc.  Volunteers will be needed to help out with all aspects of the show - - sitters, refreshments, etc.  Each member will receive a mailing with all information about the Exhibit.  Please read it carefully as some things have changed for this year.  In order for the Exhibit to be first-class, and fun, it is necessary for all members to cooperate.  Directions about paintings allowed, how to prepare them, and how to register them, etc. will be in the mailing and/or on the Blog.

Dianna Duncan gave a report on the GCWS Workshop for this year.  As we know, Dianna does a good job of making sure we have a great WS and a fun time.  This year we intend to have it Oct 28-29-30 (subject to availability of Teacher).  She is working on getting Guy Magallanes.

Members then made some announcements about upcoming Art events around the area.  Deb Ward is giving some 2-day workshops at her home, and put flyers on the back table.  It was said that one’s blood pressure goes continually down as you drive to Deb’s place. J  Deb has been accepted into the Georgia Watercolor Society National Juried Exhibit, one more honor that she has recently accumulated.   Judy Reed told of a drawing class by Charley Burger at the Blue Ash Library, and Joan Miley told of some Fri. nite “openings” at the Art Club and the Barn.  Carrie Burns Brown will be giving a Workshop in Columbus in connection with the Ohio Watercolor Society Show.

Claudia Taylor told of our upcoming Demonstrations.  April – Craig Lloyd, on the History of W/C Design;  May – Todd Butt, vice president of the Ohio Watercolor Society; and in June – (on Hanging Day), our own Tom Schroeder, on Composition;  before introducing our Teacher for March, Marilyn Bishop –“ Paint the Background; See the Foreground”.
Submitted by Joyce Grothaus, Secretary, GCWS, March, 2016. 

Pre-registration by May 18.
Annual Show drop off date - June 1 - from 9 - 10 a.m. - 
prior to our June meeting at "The Barn".
More information will be mailed prior to our April meeting. 

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