Wednesday, July 27, 2016

PROGRAM - JULY 6, 2016

Before introducing our Presenter for July, Claudia Taylor, Program Chair, told us about upcoming programs: August - Carolyn Hibbard, Pouring; Sept. - Peter Frederick; Oct, - Deb Ward; and Nov. - Nancy Neville.
Dick Close
Dick Close, Design Director for Ionic Communication, gave a demonstration of one of the topics that he has been passionate about for a while: Candy, Cakes, and other Sweets, being inspired by Wayne Thiebaud years ago. As a designer and illustrator, his career has been very structured, but on his Bucket List was an interest in painting in a more creative and loose fashion. He is now able to indulge that wish. Lately, he has become interested in finding everyday subjects and buildings in Over the Rhine, and Findley Market, etc. He is looking forward to painting “plein aire” on his vacation.
He has been juried into a variety of outdoor shows, such as Summer Fair, and does shows around the country. One of Dick’s paintings was one of the 78 selected from over 400 (from 39 states), submitted, to be shown in the Watercolor USA National Show.

Dick explained how he purchases such things as gummy bears and other candy, with wrappers or without, sets up the still life - making sure there are interesting shadows - and then takes photos from many angles until he gets the desired composition. He often takes his pictures with a cell phone and believes it is good when they are printed out and are not “true” - therefore encouraging him to use his own ideas of color. Dick believes that shadows offer a perfect place to bring in unexpected colors, and makes his all the same in order to unify his painting, many times using Burnt Sienna under or over other colors to warm them, and likes to mix Indigo and Sepia to make a good

He tends to use smooth paper, and usually only 3 or 4 brushes. He purchased the palette he was using at Sudors Art Store. He likes to put the paint (usually Windsor Newton) on heavy and then “lift” where he wants it to be lighter. He doesn’t want his paintings to be photo-realistic, but does use more detail in the middle of his work. He does use masking fluid sometimes, but finds it difficult to be precise with it. Dick did a Critique after the Presentation. Members are encouraged to bring in paintings each month for this purpose, to improve your work.

Submitted by Joyce Grothaus, Secretary, GCWS
Photos by Deb Ward

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

MEETING - JULY 6, 2016

Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society - July 6, 2016

Our President, Kathy Lang, called the meeting to order, and welcomed our new members and guests - Helmut Kientz, a newly retired architect who has been painting watercolors for about five years (see Announcements); Angie Larimer, who has been very involved with photography, and is now very interested in painting, and Eileen Hulsman's niece, also an architect, and new member of GCWS.

A discussion of our recent Art Exhibit brought many good comments, and many thank you’s
to all who participated and volunteered to make it a success. The show was well hung, was well attended, and members and guests greatly appreciated the Paintings and the celebration, and the Chair of the Event, Judith Reed. Some suggestions for next year: upgrade the Ribbons for the winners; have a co-chair, and heads of a number of committees; have someone actually painting at the Reception, and maybe while “sitting”; find out a way to be able to accept credit cards for payment when
someone wants to purchase a painting; perhaps allow winners (except First Place) to win an award the following year. The Leadership Team will take all these comments and suggestions into account at their meeting. A Reminder was given to those who sold paintings from the Exhibit, to send their commission check to the Barn.

Announcements: Helmut Kienze has a Personal Watercolor Show for the month of August at the Main Source Bank, in Bright, Indiana on State Line Rd. Congratulations! Tom Schroeder was juried into 2016 Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Show and won the “Juror’s Award”. He was also juried into 2016 Art Comes Alive Show, and received Signature Status from the Ohio Watercolor Society. 3 Congratulations, Tom! Deb Ward is holding some two-day Workshops at her home.  Deb reminded everyone to send her any interesting info about yourself that she can put on the Blog.

Dianna Duncan, Chair of our Workshop Event sent out Application Forms to all members for the workshop to be held Oct. 29, 30, 31 at our regular meeting place. Only two places are left open at this time. If you would like to be on a waiting list, please contact Dianna.

Treasurer Carol Fencl gave her report. We have enough money in our account to handle all of our business. We have enough in the Mary Marxen Fund to give two more scholarships next year.

There were a number of members who were staying after the meeting to paint together. Next month, we will again have “open painting”. Everyone is encouraged to bring your supplies. We will order pizza for lunch. We will watch part of a DVD; then  paint, before watching another part; then paint. It should be fun!

Submitted by Joyce Grothaus, Secretary, GCWS