Wednesday, September 14, 2016


To a nice turnout for September, President Kathy Lang opened the meeting, and greeted everyone, including a new member - Pat Lester - who says she is a “wanna-be artist”.   She has been painting for a couple of years, and is joining in order to “Learn”.   She has studied with Deb Ward also.   We have other new members this year - - Judy Avner, Rebecca Caplinger, Diane Jeffries, Ingrid Farnham, Helmut Kientz, James Lefebvre, Y G Tsuei, Courtney Wiechman, and Bink Zengel.   We are pleased to have all these new members this year, and look forward to getting to know all of you better.

Kathy asked for a show of hands of those who are staying after the meeting for Open Painting - so that enough lunch could be ordered.   We welcome any member to join the group. Just bring whatever you are working on, or would like to ask advice on, etc.

Announcements:   Tom Schroeder was accepted into the KY IDEA Show.   He also won a Ribbon in the Art Comes Alive 2016 Show.   All members are encouraged to plan to enter this show for next year, presented by Art Design Consultants - Litsa Spanos - the Studio that GCWS members visited last year in downtown Cincinnati.   Discussion was about “trends” noticed at this Show - such as: series of 3 paintings were popular; multi-media items were popular, and “ultra-modern” Abstract paintings were in abundance.   Jo Hogan told about the ArtLocal Annual Exhibit at Centennial Barn in Springfield Township on November 11 and 12, presented by ArtsConnect.   If you would like to put in an entry, contact Jo.   Lesser Fee before Oct. 1.   Claudia Taylor - Congratulations - has a one-woman Exhibit at Dutch’s restaurant in Hyde Park on Erie Ave. with 25 of her paintings, from now through October.   Helmet Kientz has paintings hanging at the BeanHaus in Covington, KY, on Main St. through mid-September.

GCWS Annual Exhibit - will be held next August, again at the “Barn” in Mariemont.

Dianna Duncan, Workshop Chair, gave a very upbeat report on the GCWS Workshop, to be held at the end of October. There may be one spot left.   Those who are already signed up will gather on Sept. 28, to prepare our canvas/paper, to be all ready to paint at the Workshop.   She also gave participants a list of items to be brought to the Workshop.   It sure sounds like participants will have a good time, and come home with a new skill, and a nice piece of art.

Our President announced that there will be a Leadership Team meeting after the October meeting to discuss the Board and Officers for next year.   We do have a couple of members who have already agreed to help with various projects, etc.   Kathy asked everyone to consider becoming more involved next year - perhaps taking an Office, taking responsibility for some particular project or part of a project.   The benefits to GCWS are abundant when many members contribute to the success of the Club.

And you, as a member, also receive benefits — getting to know other members better; perhaps learning how to do something that you don’t know about now; using your particular skills to make the Club better; and getting a great feeling of having contributed, and feeling that you really “belong”, rather than just “attending”.

There were a couple of “Critiques” after the meeting.   Everyone is invited to bring one/ some of your unfinished paintings to get good advice on any improvements needed.

 Submitted by Joyce Grothaus, Secretary, GCWS - September, 2016

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