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Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society
Meeting Notes          
10:00 am March 1, 2017

President Kathy Lang called meeting to order, welcoming all members back to our regular monthly meetings for the 2017 Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society.  Heavy rains in the morning slightly “dampened” the attendance for the March meeting.  Water was definitely the theme for the day and those that weathered the drive were rewarded as Deb Ward helped us learn about “fluid” acrylics.

We had three guests in attendance:  Connie Detmer, who recently moved to the Cincinnati area from Wilmington, Delaware, likes to do botanical painting;  Ginny Tilbury, from Batavia also came to visit; Lynn Elzey was also in attendance.

Treasurer Carol Fencl provided the report on our club finances.  As we start this year, we inherit the condition from the previous year, which resulted in a few more expenses than our reported income.  Our current balance is replenishing itself as we receive the membership fees from members.  Carol reported that the Mary Marxen Scholarship Fund, which funds our student scholars from the Art Academy each year, has been depleting.  This topic was discussed during the Leadership Meeting.  It was proposed that we reduce the scholarship to a single recipient in the coming years until we increase our base revenue or an alternate avenue of funding this scholarship.  The club would like to reach out to the membership for a volunteer to take over the role of Treasurer as Carol will be acting in that position through April’s meeting. 

Lydia Rittinger, our Membership chair reported that there will be no membership books published this year.  The club can save this expense by emailing an electronic copy of the membership information to all members’ email addresses.  For those that are not able to receive emails, simple 8 1/2x11 hard copies of the membership information will be made available for those who wish hard copies.  Lydia also encouraged all members to fill out the information forms that she sent out to everyone to update information and allow us to feature more of our members on the blog.

There were many announcements made by members at this meeting:
  • ·         Tom Schroeder had his painting, “Cohiba Boneyard”, accepted into the 2017 Transparent Watercolor Society of America Exhibition, which is held in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  The dates for the show are May 6 thru August 6.
  • ·         Judy Doyle had a painting accepted into Art Calendar contest and will be published in the Calendar.
  • ·         Deb Ward had her painting, “Silver Harvest” juried into the 2017 Georgia Watercolor Society National Exhibition.  The dates for the show are March 11 thru April 28.
  • ·         The Queen City Art Club is currently running a show at the Miami University Voice of America Learning Center, which ends at March 29th.  Club members Dot Burdin, Judy Reed and Roger Ross are displaying pieces in the show.
  • ·         Maple Knoll has a show for residents starting at the end of March.
  • ·         Deb Ward announced that if you want your painting to be included into club brochures, please send a digital copy to her.
  • ·         Deb also invited anyone that wishes to be a featured artist for blog to send pictures and information to her.
  • ·         It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of club members, Nancy Shaw, Barb Pryor and Janet Vennemeyer.
  • ·         Joan Ammerman will not be returning to the Club due to illness.
  • ·         Jean Soller (Postcards-FILLED), Joyce Grothaus (Secretary-FILLED), Dot Burdin (Student Scholarship), Dianna Duncan (Workshop) and Carol Fencl (Treasurer) are all phasing out of their Club Leadership roles.  People are needed to fill their spots as indicated.

The Club Leadership Team met in February to review a number of Club issues and report the following to the membership:
  • ·         The Club will collect a $5 fee for those wishing to participate in pizza lunch during after meeting painting sessions.
  • ·         The Annual Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society Exhibition will again be held at The Barn in Mariemont.  The reception will be held on Aug. 6th reception.  As usual Club members are invited to provide refreshments for the Reception.  The Club will conduct their August monthly meeting on August 2nd.  It was proposed that this year’s meeting will feature a presentation by the Mary Marxen Student Scholarship winner.  After the presentation, volunteers will set and hang the show.
  • ·         This year, those that are sitting to attend the show will also be invited to paint while they sit so that visitors to the show can see the watercolor painting process in action.  It is then felt that this might be a good way to spur interest in joining the club.
  • ·         The Club is looking into providing credit card payment for visitors that wish to purchase paintings at show.
  • ·         The Club is also looking into providing background music at show.
  • ·         There will be a new fee structure for members displaying their paintings at the show.  It will cost $15 for a single entry and $20 for two entries.
  • ·         Show entries and information must be submitted no later than July 20th.  No late entries will be allowed this year.
  • ·         Paintings must be ready to hang with wires only, no alligator clips or nails.  Paintings may be glazed with plastic or glass.
  • ·         The Mary Marxen Student Scholarship, a single (1) $500 winner will be awarded at Aug. meeting.
  • ·         The Club is considering offering one evening meeting – pending discussion and presenter schedule.
  • ·         The Club will continue with monthly postcard announcements.
  • ·         December meeting will offer a craft presentation in addition to the snacks/desserts.

If anyone has any suggestions for a guest artist to host this year's Workshop, please forward them to Kathy Lang.

Program Chair, Claudia Taylor announced the following monthly speaker schedule for the upcoming 2017 calendar:
  • ·         Deb Ward and her presentation Fluid Acrylics as Watercolor, was the featured speaker at the March meeting;
  • ·         April meeting will be hosted by Rachel Wolf – book editor for North Light Books;
  • ·         May – Peggy Bishop;
  • ·         June – Heidi Hanssen;
  • ·         July – Ken Buck – watercolor w/ pastel touches;
  • ·         August -  new member TBD w/ Student Scholarship winner presentation;
  • ·         Sept. – Greg Albert – Editor for North Light Books.

See you at the next meeting on April 5th.

Submitted by Tom Schroeder, Secretary, Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society, March 2017.

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