Thursday, April 13, 2017


President Kathy Lang called the meeting to order.  First of all the Club needs positions filled for Club Workshop Chair and Treasurer.  Anyone that feels they can contribute some time to those positions are encouraged to contact Kathy.  The issue of having one of the monthly meetings occur as an evening meeting was raised again.  July was suggested as our test meeting.  After much discussion, it was determined by vote to try it out.  A further suggestion was to make it a pot luck dinner, which was agreed upon.  The meeting time will be 6:30 to allow folks time to travel. 

We still need a fall workshop Chairperson and volunteers.  An interesting list of artists are being considered.  Anyone with suggestions should present them for consideration.

We had (3) guests in attendance:  Jack Vehr,  who has worked with Joyce Grothaus and Susan Grogan;
Judy Groen, who enjoys drawing with pencil and wanted to learn to paint; and Elaine Stoker, a friend of Rachel Rubin Wolf.

Mary Fleischmann gave an update to our Annual Exhibit.
·         Hanging on Aug. 2nd, after our monthly meeting at Barn. 
·         Show opens on Aug. 5th
·         Sunday, is the reception Aug. 6th.
·         Show closes on Aug. 27th.
·         The fee(s) will be $15 for one painting and $20 for two.
·         The Summer Music Series Concert, ‘The Vivaldi Effect’ 4-5 PM at the Barn on August 20th.  Gallery sitters should plan to extend their time for this date.
·         All show entry fees to be given or sent to Kathy Lang until the Treasurer position if filled.
We still are looking for a prominent art figure to judge the show.  The postcard design will be similar to previous years.  A press release was suggested by Marilyn.  Diane Jefferys has organized music for the show opening.  We are still in need of a hospitality chairman.  Deb Ward will again be called upon to provide painting labels (since she isn’t at the meeting!)  Each member may submit (1) or (2) paintings.  Info for the painting labels should be sent to Deb (Do not send fees to Deb).  Folks that are interested in being Sitters can sign up at the May meeting.  As something new and interesting for the show, Sitters will be encouraged to paint while they sit.  We think this could be very popular with visitors and could work as a great recruiting tool to our Club.  It has worked for other shows.  If the Club wants to have the option for credit card transactions to sell paintings to prospective buyers, at least one sitter each date will need to download an app on their smart phone.  More information on this later.

Treasurer Carol Fencl provided the report on our club finances.   The Club finances stand at $6,074.91 in bank.  Some membership dues are still outstanding and will be coming in.  As of April 10th, Carol is stepping down as the Club Treasurer and the club extends its thanks to Carol for her service.  A new Treasurer is needed to fill her shoes.

Lydia Rittinger, our Membership chair, reported that we have one new member.  This year, Membership books are being emailed to the club membership in an effort to go digital and to save printing costs.  As mentioned before, if anyone needs a hard copy, one will be available for the asking at the meetings.

Nancy Wisely has graciously agreed to take on the Scholarship Chair duties.  Thanks Nancy!

Some announcements made by members at this meeting:
·         Bob Thornburgh and Claudia Taylor will be showing paintings in a show at the Evendale Rec Center, starting the 5th of May running through the 8th.  Times of the show vary each day. 
·         A few of our members will have paintings at the Wyoming Art Show on May 21st.  More information on this show next month.

The next post will highlight the April Program host, Rachel Rubin Wolf’s presentation.

See you at the next meeting on May 3rd.

Submitted by Tom Schroeder, Secretary, Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society, April 2017.

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