Wednesday, August 21, 2019

PROGRAM - August 7, 2019 - Vivian Ripley

Vivian Ripley
Tom Schroeder introduced our presenter, Miss Vivian Ripley.

A Mount Wahington native, Vivian is an accomplished artist of quite varied subject matter, namely pastels, acrylic, colored pencil as well as watercolor.She presently lives in Columbus where she she has taught weekly classes for decades.

This truly unique lady wasted no time telling us that she is happiest outside, especially painting watercolor outside. Never one to be content with the tried and true methods of painting, she is constantly experimenting and trying different techniques. As a result, she is constantly growing and developing.

She demonstrated her love of gessoed watercolor paper. With a gessoed surface, Vivian can create a variety of edges. She claims that despite her experimentation, her adherance to the importance of light and shadow and the use of unique color and color combinations is vital to her work.

Completed painting - "Sunlight in the Smokies"

Respectfully submitted, Mary Fleischmann
Photos Mary Fleischmann, Deb Ward

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