Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society (GCWS)
Formed in 2002 by Marilyn Bishop

Mission Statement

            The Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society encourages the creation of watercolor by painters of all skill levels and promotes interest, appreciation and enjoyment of watercolor and water media.

Monthly Meetings
When:          First Wednesday of each month (unless otherwise announced)
Time:           10:00 a.m.
Place:           Cincinnati Art Club
                      1021 Parkside Place
                      Cincinnati, OH  45202


            The information contained in our directory is for personal communication of the membership only, not to be sold or given to others without written permission authorized by the Leadership Team.

            When sending email, it would be helpful to include “GCWS” in the subject, or it may be deleted as junk mail.

            Please think twice before forwarding messages to all on the list – not everyone likes to receive forwarded messages or junk mail.

            Any changes to your address information should be passed on to the Membership Records Chair.  Please check the Membership Book for the person currently serving in this position.
(Current officers are listed in the Membership Book)
Programs Chair
Membership Attendance Chair
Membership Records Chair
Facilities Chair

Blog Manager
Nominating Committee
Publicity Chair
Young Artist Award Committee Chair
Show Chair
Special Events Projects Chair

1.         Activities
a.         Education.  The Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society (GCWS) will have workshops, demonstrations, lectures and museum visits about watercolor and water media as art mediums as well as programs from members. GCWS will announce, through the blog and the minutes, information pertaining to local art related programs by members.
b.         Painting Sessions.  Open painting sessions (no charge) for all members may be scheduled following monthly meetings.
c.          Exhibits.  Member-only exhibits of artwork will be scheduled at the discretion of the Leadership Team.  The exhibits will be used to promote watercolor and other water media as art forms.
                        i.          Publicity will be developed to promote these exhibits. 
                        ii.          Dues must be current in order to enter an exhibit.
iii.         The maximum number of paintings each artist may  enter into any show shall be determined by
              the Leadership Team and shall be subject to space   availability.
iv.            All artwork must be the original work of the artist and based on original source material.
v.             An artwork may not be exhibited in more than one GCWS exhibit.
vi.            Artists who have won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place awards may enter future exhibits, but may not receive another monetary prize in the following juried show. 
d.         Young Artist AwardGCWS seeks to encourage young artists by providing awards to promising art students.

2.         Membership.  Membership in the GCWS is open to anyone interested in watercolor and water media as an artist or patron.

3.         General Meetings.  Monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month unless otherwise listed.  The meetings begin at 10:00 a.m. with a short business segment, followed by a program and a voluntary critique.  Critiques are limited to two unframed paintings per artist.  Any changes will be explained at meetings and on the GCWS blog.

4.         Leadership Team Meetings.
a.         The Leadership Team shall be composed of the elected officers.
b.         The Leadership Team shall meet as needed, but at least quarterly with the agenda set by the President and the officers.  
c.          The purpose of these meetings includes but is not limited to reviewing and approving the budget, setting the programs for the future, discussing special events such as exhibits and workshops and to set the parameters for the functioning of the organization.
d.         Members of the GCWS may occasionally be invited to the Leadership Team meetings with proposals for events or changes in the organization.  All such proposals shall be presented in advance to the President to be placed on the agenda.

5.         Elected Officers (as defined in Items a-g of this section)
            a.         The President shall:
i.          Receive communication from the Program Chair and Secretary during the month.
ii.          Convene the monthly meetings and develop the agenda for the business portion of the monthly             meeting.
iii.      Draft and send copies of the agenda of all Leadership Team meetings and solicit input to the agenda from     team members prior to the meeting.
iv.         Convene and facilitate the Leadership Team  meetings.
v.         Support all Leadership Team members in the  completion of their responsibilities.
vi.         Make the decision to cancel the month meeting due  to inclement weather.
vii.           Secure chairpersons for the ad hoc committees.
viii.     Coordinate with the Nominating Committee the selection of new officers annually for the November election.
            b.         The Treasurer shall:  
                              i.          Collect and deposit membership dues.
            ii.       Keep financial records in an orderly manner, maintain  a checking account and report finances monthly and annually.
iii.          Develop an annual projected budget and present the budget to the Leadership Team in February.
iv.            Negotiate contract for rental of facilities and pay rent for same by May of each year.
v.           Pay bills submitted by members as authorized by officers.  Proposed expenditures by members are to be submitted to the appropriate committee chair who will then propose the expense to the Leadership Team.
vi.            Keep a ledger sheet month-by-month for expenses and income.
vii.           Generate an annual financial report (see 8.Finances B.)
viii.       Give new members’ address information to both membership chairs and verify current members’ status.
ix.            Work with Membership Records Chair to provide dues reminder notices before February 1 each year.
x.             Give a financial report at each monthly membership meeting.
            c.          The Secretary shall:
                            i.          Have access to a computer and internet.
            ii.      Take minutes at every meeting of all proceedings and  submit these minutes to the Blog Manager.
                            iii.         Make sufficient amount of copies of the meeting  notes and bring them to the following meeting for distribution to members without internet access.
                          iv.         Write a summary of results of all Leadership Team  meetings and distribute same to all members of the Leadership Team.
                        v.         Be responsible for photos to be taken and emailed to the blog for inclusion after each meeting.
             d.        The Programs Chair shall:
                          i.          Contact presenter.
                   ii.          Determine the program content and format with  presenter.
                   iii.         Send a confirmation letter noting the specifics of  the presentation.
                   iv.         Determine the audio/visual requirements within the limitations of the GCWS.
                   v.         Request a biography from the presenter to be used for notices and introductions.
                   vi.         Contact presenter to verify that all is in order prior to the meeting.
vii.           Direct the custodian to set up equipment as needed by the presenter prior to each meeting.
viii.          At the meeting, make sure the presenter is greeted properly and assisted with set-up.
ix.            Formally introduce the presenter to the group and facilitate any discussion with the presenter, as needed.
x.             Assist the presenter with critique sessions, if needed.
xi.            Close the presentation with appreciation.
xii.           Contact Treasurer to have payment ready for presenter and make sure presenter receives check.
                   xiii.       Send thank you letter following presentation.
            e.         The Membership Records Chair shall:
                   i.          Have access to a computer and internet.
ii.          Work closely with the Membership Attendance Chair and Treasurer to coordinate new member            information.
iii.            Compile a member data directory yearly after the annual membership renewal and make the directory available to all members.
iv.            Update membership information as necessary via email and have sufficient paper copies of new members’ information available at each successive meeting for those members without internet access.
v.             Send a directory and a copy of the GCWS By-Laws to new members.
vi.            Working with information from the Program Chair and/or President, place upcoming meeting information (.e. date, time, place and program information) on the GCWS blogspot and send meeting information semi-annually via US mail.
vii.           Work with the Treasurer to provide dues reminder notices before February 1 each year.
       f.          The Membership Attendance Chair shall:
                   i.          Work closely with the Membership Records Chair and Treasurer to coordinate new member                                            information.
                   ii.          Prepare name tags for members for meetings and have name tags available for guests.
iii.            Welcome members and guests as they come to the meeting and ask guests to fill out an information form with address, etc.
iv.            Introduce new members and guests during the business meeting.
v.             Ascertain that guests attend no more than two (2) meetings without becoming paid members.
vi.            Make brochures available to members at monthly meeting and have them available at all shows.
       g.         The Facilities Chair shall:
i.          Be a member of the Cincinnati Art Club (CAC) and serve as liason between the CAC and GCWS Leadership Team.
ii.          Answer questions regarding the use of the CAC building, the availability of the space and the             whereabouts of household supplies and other  matters relating to the facility.
iii.            prepare coffee for members about 30 minutes prior to each meeting.

6.         Ad Hoc Committees and Job Descriptions
            a.         The Young Artist Award Committee shall:
i.          Determine the recipient of a Young Artist Award (amount to be determined by the Leadership Team)   given to an art student who has been accepted into an art school of higher learning.  This Young Artist      Award is awarded annually at the May meeting.  
                  ii.          Review portfolios and interview possible recipients.
iii.            Send out forms requesting information on possible Young Artist Award candidates to targeted high schools (teachers, principals, administrators). 
iv.            Check back with teachers at least a few weeks before the deadline to inquire about interest.
v.             Decide how to view and judge the artwork.
vi.            Invite the winner to attend the GCWS meeting for presentation of the award.
vii.           Place winner’s photo and artwork on the GCWS blog.
b.         The Show Chair shall obtain and oversee a committee of members to do everything necessary for a show, including but not limited to: 
i.          Negotiating with a facility for the show and working with the facility staff
ii.          Creating entry forms
                  iii.         Creating postcards
                  iv.         Receiving and hanging artwork
                  v.         Typing and hanging labels
                  vi.         Supervising pick up of artwork
      c.          The Publicity Chair shall:
i.          Throughout the year send out information to local media for all publicity dealing with GCWS, including           but not limited to the GCWS art show(s). 
ii.          Throughout the year send out information relating to GCWS members personally (shows,             awards, etc.) as they relay that information to the  Publicity Chair.
d.         Special Events Projects Chairs shall supervise special events, such as workshops, as determined by the Leadership Team.
       e.         The Blog Manager shall:
                   i.          Post monthly minutes.               
ii.          Update notices of events such as exhibits or  workshops in which members are involved.
f.          The Nominating Committee shall be selected by the Leadership Team for the purpose of selection of new officers annually for the November election.

7.         Selection Process
            Leadership Team will select a Nominating Committee to develop a slate of officers to be voted on by the membership. 
            a.         Officers
                   i.          Officers will serve a 2-year term.
                   ii.          Positions will be elected each year as necessary. 
iii.         The election will be in November with the  officers taking their position the following March.
            b.         Ad Hoc
i.          Ad hoc members will be selected through  invitation to volunteer.
ii.          If there are no volunteers, the project for which the leadership is needed will be withdrawn.
iii.         Ad hoc members may be invited to attend a portion of a Leadership Team meeting relating to their project, from time to time, as necessary.

8.         Finances
            a.         Dues
            i.          The yearly dues are $45.00 and are due no later than March 1 of each year.  Half-year dues for new              members (September to March) are $25.00.
ii.          Checks shall be made out to GCWS or Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society.
iii.         Dues must be paid in full for members to attend any meeting or exhibit in any show. 
iv.         Potential members may attend up to two meetings before joining.
            b.         Budget
Each officer shall provide the Treasurer with her/his anticipated budget expenses for the year by mid-January.  Additional expenses incurred due to changes in Leadership Team may be presented following election of new officers.

9.         Amendments.  These By-Laws may be amended at any Leadership Team meeting by a majority of the Leadership Team and the amendments announced at the regular meeting.


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